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Snow Pants by Snowman

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Snow Pants by Snowman

Hi and welcome to my thread smile.gif

I have gotten some really positive feedback and some reasonable demand on this project so I have decided to create this thread.

BACK STORY: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Relaxed trousers!!!
The idea came from wanting the perfect pair of pants and the ability to have them made in any material i wanted
I started off by taking some measurements of my favourite pants (silent by Damir Doma) and tweaking some things.
I added length in the crotch, width to the thigh, less of a taper. When i had my final measurements it was time to research!
Calling and emailing some local tailors i finally decided to take the plunge and put my trust in someone that i had not worked with before. After meeting him he said he used to work and apprentice under a familiar name, my father's old tailor!! i had no doubts anymore...

We talked about details as i handed over the measurements. Specifications like darting over the back pocket, non-lined waistband (so i can wear them oversized and cinch them in comfortable), welt pockets, and of course fabric!!
The fabric is an all year wool with a slight herringbone effect. it drapes and crinkles like a fabric of this quality should. Pics show how light it is. The front is also half lined.

It took about 3 weeks and the pants were done. When I showed up he asked what type of button I'd like for the waistband. I chose MOP and he stitched it on within the minute.

Despite being seen as wool dress pants, they are very versatile. I wear these with sneakers and boots.

Very happy with the outcome.

The Details:
I will be posting some shots of the fabric but I am aiming for a tropical wool (black) or an all year round suiting wool.
More of an elongated rise than a dropped crotch. designed to be worn at your bellybutton.
Relaxed silhouette.
Unfinished hems.

The Price:
Not set in stone as of yet because I have to meet with my tailor and discuss fabrics and bulk.
My one-off pair came in at 200 dollars CANADIAN so I'm hoping it'll come in lower do to the nature of this order.
I will then charge the buyer for the full cost of the pants up front. After the pants are made I will ship it out and Private message each customer their individual shipping cost.

The Goal:
I never intended to sell these pants and/or make any money off of these. This was simply a project that I wanted to do for myself. I'd like to gain experience and I want everyone to be satisfied with their order. It would bring me great joy to know that something I had a hand in is being worn (and enjoyed) by someone in another part of the world!
Please ask me as many questions as you want because there will be no refunds.

WAYWT links:



MADE TO MEASURE. ask me please
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awesome snow, can't wait to see what happens. thanks for setting this up.
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That's interesting! Though you just seem to wear trousers much higher than I do.
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Those are dope. The vertical front welt pockets and MOP buttons are my favorite details.


Did you use a program for the grading, or just do it intuitively?

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I did some research and talked with a designer/tailor about the measurements. So to answer your question, intuitively smile.gif
The measurements look very proportional for all of the sizes in my opinion.

I guess if you're really tall they can be worn on the hips. But I do recommend that these be worn at your real waist.
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Snowbro: I wish nothing but the best in your endeavors!
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so the length will be customized for every person?
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I'm going to leave them unfinished so everyone can have it hemmed by their own tailor. It'll be much more efficient this way and eliminated error.
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Originally Posted by diniro View Post

so the length will be customized for every person?


"unfinished hems"... In other words, it's up to the buyer to get them hemmed.

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Or just roll em up like a cool guy
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what's the inseam or outseam unhemmed then? I like the small leg opening but it'll most likely be a lot bigger if/when I get them shortened,
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On my pair (SZ 32). For reference, I am 5'6" and when rolled upso the following inseam they hit my ankles.

Measurements when rolled up(approx 7.5") :
Inseam 24"
Outseam 37"
Hem 6"
It actually loses width because of all the fabric rolled in there.

Measurements (regular) :
Inseam 30"
Outseam 43"
Hem 6.75"
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Do you have any idea on the time frame?
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I'm estimating before September. To make the actual pant doesn't take long; 3 weeks.
To get organized and have everyone on board with material is going to be where most of my time is spent.
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will be meeting with my tailor tomorrow (wed, jun 26) and i'll try to pick some fabric samples out for y'all!!!!
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