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Hi, all. I am hoping that you can help me a bit. Here is the question: I have some Gucci and Prada suits I like lot. The Gucci's are their Marsailles and Signoria model lines, and the Prada is the UAA model. i see Gucci and Prada suits on Bluefly and other sites, but those sites often list only a style number. So two questions:

1) Can anyone decipher the style codes of Gucci and/or Prada suits for me?
2) Do these two brands have model lines that have a lower pricepoint than those they sell in their own stores? Some of the Gucci and Prada suits on Bluefly and other similar sites are MUCH cheaper than the prices I am familiar with......are these really the same suits foind in the Prada/Gucci stores or a cheaper line?

Thanks in advance for your help!