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I wanted to share with you my latest find -  Manufactum (they also have a British website at manufactum.com, but product range is much smaller) It's a German company that, according to its mission statement, tries to unearth 'traditional' products - those made of 'classical' materials, not mass produced and not outsourced to cheap labor countries. The catalog is a veritable gold mine - it has more than 1,500 items in all categories, including cothing/foorwear, and prices can be overwhelming sometimes. Most of the brands seem to be small European outfits, and little known stateside. I already ordered 4 Armor Lux t-shirts from Britanny, an Italian Maglia umbrella, and I'm contemplating a gorgeous Austrian wooden 'schuhschrank' (shoe valet? type this word into the search [suchen] box on the home page to see it) for about 235Euro, but they seem to be out of stock. Unfortunately, the website is one of those annoying Euopean deals that don't allow to post direct links to specific items - only to the main page. Of special interest to me are Cavallo shoes - the website claims they are made in germany, goodyear welted, french claf skin, rendenbak soles, with prices around 300 Euro. The Cavallo website Cavallo indicates that it's a young company specializing in riding boots (as the name might suggest). Anybody can recommend these shoes?
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Also check out these, although I wouldn't be able to afford them. Looks like some interesting stuff there.
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More cool stuff: Damensandale Heschung Brütting Schnürstiefel, AKA the Konvers Alle-Stern: Heschung Känguruhlederschuh Herren, something I've been looking for a long time (Kangaroo leather shoes that aren't soccer shoes).. unfortunately, they are € 298,00
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J, Thanks for the pics. I love Heschung casual boots - I own two pairs and they are very well made, very comfortable and way cool (how is $105 per pair at Barney's warehouse sale?) BTW, how did you manage to link directly to the items? I tried copying the address bar, but for some reason it didn't work.
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Right-click on the link for more details to an item, click Properties, then copy the "Address" field. That's the direct URL for each item.
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