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GUIDANCE Needed: Summer Daily Suit  on a Budget ? Source Fabric, Tailor, Etc? 


I am currently in South Asia but will be heading to the US soon. I'd like to do this on a budget to start with and maybe come back spend more in 6 months once cash flow is higher. 


I've heard/ read quite a lot about tailors & suit makers in/ from India, HK, BKK etc. Those who have shops there and some who travel to the US to measure clients, stitch & send back. 


I will need help & guidance around SELECTING the following few things: 






After reading SF and other sites I came up with a final list of Summer Suit (without lining/ open weave) Fabrics that are comfy & cool in Hot Humid weather such as Singapore, Asia, India, Latin America, or Southern Hot Humid US / etc. 


(Top 2 choices of most of the reviewers)

- Fresco  (8 ounce, unlined Fresco)

- Seersucker 


Next in line:

- Linen (Crumples very easily & needs ironing after every wear)

- Cotton

- Tropical Wool

- Blends of Linen/ Cotton , Blends of Wool & Cotton/ Linen (Tropical Wools)




- can I get these Fabrics? 

- large range/ variety to choose from? 


What kind of price point/ range would EACH of them run? 

Would they be less expensive if they were clubbed and bought straight at the Tailors? 


In terms of colors I am thinking 3 shades/ variations,

- White/ Off-White/ Cream/ Sand/ Light Brown  -

- Silver/ Steel Gray/ Light Gray/ Dark Gray -

- Navy/ Deep Blue/ Navy & Blue Variations?


Do let me know your thoughts/ insights. Any suggestions on where I can complete all the steps: 



- FABRIC (Bangkok, HK, India) 

- Tailor (BKK, HK, India)