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Are Allen Edmond's New Orleans worth it?

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In the way of good footwear, I have a pair of black fifth avenues and a pair of walnut strands. I purchased a pair of walnut New Orleans shoes on sale (the woven captoes from Allen Edmonds) and I'm questioning whether or not to return them for a more versatile shoe. They are very nice, but they seem like a pair of shoes suitable for someone who already has a fleet of fine footwear. I would appreciate thoughts on this and it would be nice to hear from people who really enjoy their New Orleans captoes.
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You did not mention how much you dress up for work, the frequency you wear the two you mentioned, etc.


It's a bold look and if you want to wear them, rock on.  However, I'd say that, if it were me in your position, I wouldn't make it my "third shoe."


For one, and if it is the one I am thinking about, it is a bit of a spring/summer looking shoe, especially the two-tone "spectator" version.


Also, even if it is the more conservative looking (relatively speaking) brown on brown version, if you are wearing coat-and-tie every day ... well, it wouldn't be my choice for suits.


You might consider something in a darker brown than your srands or a burgundy in a more traditional look.  Maybe grab the New Orleans next year. 

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Thank you for your advice, Count de Monet. I primarily dress business casual at work and I wear the mentioned two pairs of shoes quite regularly (alternate daily). The New Orleans are brown on brown weave. I have been thinking a burgandy wingtip would be a more appropriate "third shoe" than the New Orleans. Possibly cordovan.
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If by "... possibly cordovan," you are referring to the leather, as opposed to the color, then a burgundy shell cordovan LWB might work for you.  Something like the AE Macneil or my vintage (Watergate era according to Nick V. at B. Nelson) Florsheim Imperials.  Reasonable people disagree as to just how versatile a full fledged, double soled blankty blank gunboat is but I wear them with a great variety of things.


If you prefer a short wing oxford, you probably know AE's Cambridge is their McAlister/Jefferson in shell cordovan (same #5 last).  To me, that would make a great "third shoe," giving you something in a style, color, and leather different from anything you have now, and - to me - a very versatile shoe.  Finding a pair at less than full price is sort of my current "unicorn search."

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Yes, I was referring to the leather and not the color. I have been looking into the burgandy AE Cambridge. (I'm sure there are multiple threads on here to weigh the pros and cons between Alden and AE cordovan short wing oxfords.) My concern is whether or not they will be a lot heavier than my current shoes since they are double soled. I like that cordovan shoes are durable and devop a unique character as they age, though I am not looking for a heavy shoe as I dance for a hobby and would like to be able to wear them dancing. Any comment on the weight of the Cambridge?
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I'm 24 years old, and my wife just bought me the New Orleans in Walnut for Fathers day.  I love them more than any shoe i've ever had, and I'm a basketball player, so shoes are my life.  THESE SHOES ARE WORTH IT!  but maybe not in your type of work environment.

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Thanks for the advice all. I have returned the shoes so as to build more of solid base before branching out to more specialized shoes for summer.
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If you are dressing business casual (I assume that means you don't wear a suit to work), then you might want to consider getting more derbies/bluchers as opposed to balmorals/oxfrords, which you currently have. That is why I would advise against the Cambridge. The MacNeil, however, is a good option. I also like the Patriot and Delray as 3rd-shoe options.
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i have the walnut NO and wear them almost every single day.... much prefer them over my AE Jacksons or black double monks.
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