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pics of geoffrey b small here:

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and tillman lauterbach here:

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as far as i know it's just raf riffing on advertising.

no no no weren't you listening ? It's the interzone.
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still don't know what interzone is exactly, and I guess I'm not alone as nobody seems able to define it. like pornography, i suppose.

surprised nobody has brought up CdG. i think it was their strongest men's collection in a while and easily one of the best shows of the season.

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BBS SS14 is tween-approved!

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who is "tween" ?
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

who is "tween" ?



A friend of the Shah

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Tween's Picks SS2K14

and thoughts on anything looked at




3.1 P Lim






Silly but why not.  As usual a few gems mixed into the noise.





More of the same.  Alternate-universe Ervell meets BoO.  Doc Martens and suede varsities.  Accessible clothes for characters in a movie that takes place in suburbia.





Styling too #menswear for a fair assessment.  Will probably like some pieces anyway but forget to buy them when sale season hits.





Good looking nerds from the future



Bottega Veneta




Too Italian for me.  The purple suede jacket is cool so I included it.







Bad lapels that don't look good in the presentation and won't look good in real life.  Above look is good head to toe.



Christophe Lemaire


Swing and a miss.  Afterthought of what he does for Hermes.



Christopher Kane


Wireframe is great but would prefer anything other than a human face.  Expecting to see it in a maltstream hip hop music video shortly after it drops.



Christopher Raeburn


To me it's still getting lost in the sea of similar British menswear designers.


Christopher Shannon


"Stock me in OC but try not to mix me up with Kenzo or the British designers"





more 2 come l8r

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Giuliano Fujiwara is total garbage now wow
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Comme des Garcons Homme +







Best of their past few SS.  Some memorable pieces that I think will work for a long time, in the strange way that only some Comme does.



Damir Doma




Raf Simons dressing Thom Browne's hulkmonsters.  The above look really works for me though.




Dries van Noten








I thought florals had jumped the shark but the colors here drew me back in.  It doesn't hurt that it was styled well. Huge improvement over the camo effort this SS, but the number 9 ruins a few pieces I would considered otherwise.




E. Tautz






What was that I said earlier about the British designers blending together on the racks at Opening Ceremony?  However that doesn't mean I didn't like some of it wink.gif







The above look is great but I don't really have an opinion on anything else, nor do I have any experience with the label.  In pictures it looks occasionally nice, occasionally tacky, but mostly forgettable, at least for me.





I think rappers will be over it by the time this comes out.  Good riddance because these prints are ugly.









Luxury still exists and it means leisure, not ostantatious branding.  Thank you Hermes.



J. W. Anderson


lol London.  not as conceptual as he thinks it is.  neck-line fetishism.



James Long


Once again, mostly stuff that will blend in with the other British designers at OC.  The rest is weird stuff for LN-CC and nowhere else.

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^ I like your reviews 4est -- had many of the same thoughts.  I didn't like all the appliqué, military badges, etc on the Dries stuff, but thought some of the dark florals were nice. He does pants so well. Hermes has done great looking stuff the past few years, spring/summer especially. I v. much like the cut of their blazers and their prints. Possibly too boring/chic/luxe for a lot of people, but still looks really good to me... would rather wear than Brunello Cuccinelli. Ami looked like he raided the Mr Porter sales bin and slapped it all together at the photo shoot. I liked the Margiela collection quite a bit even if I guess it was familiar territory. I liked it's ruggedness -- something that's missing from a lot of fashion for me.


This was just funny. 



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Cool, thanks Parker.  I just finally got around to scanning through them, and figured I would post up the looks I liked the most, as well as my initial (uneducated) thoughts on what I was looking at, in the context of me and my environment, not fashion as a whole.  Also note I'm not just going for cheap or clever stabs at any of these, just evaluating the clothes and the styling and writing what first comes to mind for me.


That said, this is mostly just catologuing it for myself, but I figured by putting it on SF I could get some discussion going.


Was also hoping to get some sort of discussion going so I'm glad you jumped in.  Agree with you 100% about Dries, Hermes, and Ami.  "Raided the Mr. Porter sales bin" is perfect.


Haven't made it to Margiela yet because I'm just going alphabetically through whatever has and clicking on anything that moderately intrigues me, then writing it here.


Edit, I'm also including links to encourage people to click through and scan through themselves.  Maybe they'll agree with me but maybe they won't :)

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i would buy hermes and LV clothes if was really baller, i wonder why nobody here buys that stuff
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it's not really in the sw&d wheelhouse. the target audience is older and generally dresses a little more conservatively than most of the posters here. keep in mind that people here who are spending a lot of cash are using it on the so-called artisanal brands right now. i personally don't think the design is always super interesting with hermes and lv. i usually look at the collections and think, 'oh, that's nice,' but then I generally forget about it and move on. though I did really like Kim Jones's first show for lv. there are other luxury brands that people here are into of course, like dior and ysl/slp, but those brands also aim a lot younger (and cooler).

c4est, unfortunately i suspect that the people who are going to have any real conversation in here are the same handful who are already posting. haha. unless you post a sale code or something shopping related.

lastly, if anyone knows of a mag/website in the market for an editor or writer feel free to hit me up. currently seeking new employment spam[1].gif
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There are maybe 3 or 4 regular posters on SF, if that, who are actually spending enough on clothing to equate to more than one or two Hermes items.  Very few posters here are buying more than a handful of items at retail; I think most of the outfits in WAYWT are composed of stuff culled from B&S, ebay, yoox, sales, and a few key pieces bought at near or full retail.  It's more interesting that way, IMO.


As far as I know Hermes doesn't go on sale at all so it's just out of the price range of people here.

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Hermes is always nice to look at come runway time. It's styled perfectly too.
When I visited the store in Monte Carlo I saw a 60 thousand euro croc/gator jacket. And this was when the euro wasn't in the toilet lol! I can see why some people are out off from the brand and mot people only know them for their leather goods.

I liked all the silky goodness e.tautz had to offer. They started off as a tailored heritage brand but this is a bit more conceptual dont you think?
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