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BMW 335i or '14 Lexus IS 350 F Sport?

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Hey guys,

Looking for opinions on the 335i vs the new Lexus IS 350 F Sport. Was leaning to the 335 but once I saw the '14 F Sport I loved it. Car and Driver (bimmer fanboys) also rated the '14 F Sport as "better". Knowing you knowledgeable gents, I was wondering if I could have you opinion.





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Never thought I'd say this, but Lexus all the way.
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Wow, color me impressed with the '14 IS. And this is coming from a loyal BMW owner.

My only gripe is the lack of manual transmission, which is a deal-breaker for me, but I'm one of the 5% that only buys manuals. For most, the 8-speed gearbox will be sublime.


You can do a lot with the BMW turbo-six by way of aftermarket tuning (400+hp), but this Lexus has me drooling a little.

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I haven't driven the '14 IS but I've spent far more time in its predecessor than I'd like. To me, the IS350's power delivery is completely dull and lifeless. I like to feel the car I'm driving has an energy of its own and BMWs are one of the few mainstream brands that achieve that convincingly. I love BMW's twin turbo - the engineering is outstanding and it constantly reminds you that it's made to be driven in anger. I say BMW if you're interested in any kind of sports car experience, Lexus if you're looking for a luxury tourer. You asking about the F Sport so I imagine you're probably leaning towards sport, so BMW is my choice.

You really should drive both before making a decision. I voted with my feet and bought an M Coupe 18 months ago.
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Agree with the power delivery of the IS350, BMW has them beat there, but I love the look of the IS though, why cant there be a compromise...

Any other suggestions with similar cars?
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The IS style-wise doesn't coincides with my sense of aesthetics and it also seems the driving dynamics between the two are too close to wager.
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Just test drove the 335i, beast.

The audi dealership was nearby and I had to stop in, test drove the '13 S4...blew me away. Getting a decent deal on it...itching to pull the trigger...

Have not yet test drove the new IS but I dont think it will be close to the S4...
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