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What is Styleforum Wearing: 6.18.2013

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Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: “Come closer, Sen. What would you like? Just name it.”

“MOSQUITOES!” yells the guide, and your hiking group is caught up in a mad dash back down the river, screaming and tripping over roots and stones, hands frantically waving in the air, desperate to avoid the stabbing proboscises of your tiny, indomitable foes. The guide leads you across the water, his nimble feet skipping from rock to rock, wide trousers swaying in the breeze. He ushers your uncoordinated herd towards safety – an abandoned cabin half-overgrown, but still standing. As the last of your party dives inside, your leader turns to face you. For a moment time slows and he is silhouetted by the setting sun and a swarm of furious mosquitoes, jacket flapping loose and translucent before he moves to shut the door and lock himself out. Desperately, you raise one hand from the floor, trying to reach him. He smiles at you, and whispers a single word:


You can feel the tears pouring from your eyes as the door closes. As you pound the dirt in sorrow and rage, the sounds of insectoid battle humming through the rotting wood of the cabin, you vow that his sacrifice will not be in vain, and that tomorrow you will get him some cortisone cream.

The Goods:

Jacket, trousers, suspenders: Y’s (Yohji Yamamoto)
Shirt: Uniqlo
Sneakers: Vans

A lot of Forum wisdom (always of dubious merit) suggests that limiting yourself to a single designer is nothing but restrictive and - some would say - dull. Have you found any truth in this? Or has it been the opposite?

I wasn't always so committed, pairing some Y's jackets with whatever else I had. I caught the bug in the Paris boutique--everything I tried on was so comfortable, the movement of the fabrics so majestic. A few weeks later in the London store I realized this is all I wanted to wear. As I became accustomed to greater volume, I found everything else too restrictive. I really respect the creativity that goes into combining different designers/aesthetics, and I realize people call this commitment burdensome. “Dull,” however, is not so apt, since Yohji has been in the game since the 80s and, though consistent, the variety is really overwhelming. I’ve always felt that we create fuzzy manifestations of ideals we have in mind, so it seemed natural for me to embrace a mélange of flowing garments surrounding a corpse.


Original WAYWT post here

What this looks like: Can you say “Random Gate Screening?”

“Concurrence…Liminality…psychological processes…” You’re in the auditorium, focused on rehearsing your introduction of the world-renowned Dr. D.Ripper’s keynote address on counter-culture psychology while you munch on shortbread cookies. Maybe you can sneak “parallax” in there, too – the Director would probably like that, and you’re up for tenure. A man backs into you, sloshing the glass of water that you’re clenching. You puff up your chest to reprimand him until you notice the menacing straps dangling off his pants and the two-ton boots he’s wearing. Instead, you stutter an incoherent apology. He laughs, and introduces himself:

“Sorry about that, mate. I’m Dr. Ripper. I think you’re introducing me today.” He raises an eyebrow at your pale face.

“Nerves? Here, I’ve just the thing for you.” He winks, and shows you a flask of something.

After the brilliant seminar, the two of you steal a couple of bottles of the cheap wine that’s set out for the guests while the Director shakes her head, and hang out in a park for the next two hours talking about anything but work.

The Goods:

Jacket: Comme des Garcon Junya Watanabe MAN
Shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: Nom de Guerre
Boots: Brand is Ship General Supply thrifted from Ebay, resoled with ripple soles recently after a year and a half of wear. They're Horween leather Made In USA.

How would you describe your look, and where does it come from?

Military inspired streetwear. I consume a lot of fashion/waywt and rap music. I was told by Killarmy to grab my army suit and my phat black boots. I'm hoping to be able to go overseas in a few years and work in one of the military bases working on airplanes as an aviation mechanic, just for the experience.



What this looks like: The Lych-King at the skate park

You fall to your knees, heaving, certain that you’re going to throw up all over your unfairly-fit trainer’s shoes. College athlete? Maybe five years ago.

“Good job,” he says, kneeling down next to you, “you’re done with day one.” You wish you could hate him and his stupid calves, but you also wish you could wear bulbous sneakers, sweat shorts and slinky tops without looking like a pear stuffed into a sausage casing.

“Two years from now, you won’t believe you waited this long to start again.”

It’s hard to hate someone who’s so encouraging. If he did it, so can you! “Is two years how long you had to work out before you could wear clothes like that?”

“What, are you kidding me? I hate the gym. I haven’t worked out a day in my life.”

Before you can think of a pithy reply, he peels back a layer of skin on his toned forearm, revealing a glistening metallic skeleton.

“Plus, I’m a robot.”

The Goods:

Long Sleeve Merino Knit: NYNE
Ribbed tank: Rick Owens
Jersey Pod Shorts: DRKSHDW
Wool Socks
Sneakers: Rick Owens

All of your outfits look both supremely comfortable and supremely directional. Is there a lifestyle sweet-spot that your clothes fit, or is there something else that draws you to long, dark, slinky silhouettes?

I stumbled accross SF and stylezeitgeist mid last year, but by then I had already started to drift towards a few of the brands I wear regularly now. The aesthetic appealed to my minimalist predilection for a utilitarian wardrobe where anything could be paired together with minimal effort....because at the end of the day I'm a guy.

If I look at my wardrobe now its all blacks, greys, olives and browns, I find these colours inherently ‘New Zealand’ (my native country). A conservative and colonial colour palette you could say. Maybe that’s true, though without the complication of bright, noisy and messy colours I feel more at liberty to play with shapes, proportions, layers and tones, the sensibilities of a designer coming through I guess?


Original WAYWT post here

What this looks like: 3AM, Mars, drinks at the spaceport lounge

You’re on top of your game, and you can tell whole club knows it. The neckline of your tee is low, but not too low. Your jeans are a super-hip, calf-hugging burgundy, your designer high-tops crisp and white, totally worth the three paychecks it took to secure them. You followed the internet’s advice and threw a skinny blazer over the whole thing. Hell, you might not be able to move in it, but at least you look the part. Your brands are on point, your hair is all did, and you even busted out the cologne sample that has been lying in your bathroom drawer since freshman year. Bouncing to the thumping bass, you wiggle your way to the bar, ready to drop some bills on energy drinks and jello shots. You’re going to impress the bartender in the neon push-up bra. She smiles as you hand her your card, and you pat yourself on the back. Game on.

Yeah, you think you’re doing pretty well until the music stops, and in a hushed silence some guy wearing all black jumps on a table, rolls up his loose sleeves like it’s no big deal, and starts going to town on a jazz trumpet. Pretty soon he’s got the whole place swing-dancing, the cute bartender is doing the Lindy Hop down the bar, and it turns out he can also seriously work a fedora.

Back to the drawing board.

The Goods:

YYPH SS10 Fedora Hat
YYPH SS13 Look 21 Extendable " Train " Blazer
Y' for men Cargo Pants
Uniqlo SS tee, Converse All Star

For you, what is it about Yohji's garments that makes his work more than just "loose black clothes?"

You simply can't buy into the YY aesthetics by simply wearing some mainstream jacket 2 sizes too big...there are so many levels in his clothing that intrigue.

Fabrics. Meticulously chosen ( mostly soft hand ) to go hand in hand with the signature oversized silhouette. They drape, flow and cocoon you in motion serenely. Oversized pants worn simply suspended by braces give a totally different vibe to a belted silhouette = options.

Dark palette gives a sense of mystery and timelessness without shouting " Look at me! " Construction ( details, asymmetry, exquisite embroideries, humorous texts ) always thought provoking.

Yohji said he hates fashion, or fast fashion in particular. I think he redressed the balance by inventing " Slow Fashion ". Wearing his clothes makes you slow down a bit and take stock, Let the fabrics flow, feel protected, the world suddenly becomes a better place.
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These just keep getting better. 

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Synth's writing is wonderful, of course, but I really love how well the featured users respond to the mini-interview questions. Very insightful.
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Another win. Thanks for the read!

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Another great piece
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The Arm's from NZ?



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Love it. Things like this are what makes styleforum such a great place.
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