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Poll Results: The Bold Tie Challenge: Who did it best?

Poll expired: Jun 24, 2013 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 15% of voters (13)
  • 6% of voters (5)
  • 24% of voters (20)
  • 3% of voters (3)
  • 1% of voters (1)
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 2% of voters (2)
  • 10% of voters (9)
  • 14% of voters (12)
  • 14% of voters (12)
  • 15% of voters (13)
  • 8% of voters (7)
  • 19% of voters (16)
    in stitches
  • 2% of voters (2)
  • 9% of voters (8)
  • 1% of voters (1)
  • 2% of voters (2)
  • 39% of voters (32)
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 37% of voters (31)
  • 19% of voters (16)
  • 3% of voters (3)
  • 6% of voters (5)
  • 1% of voters (1)
    Caustic Man
  • 6% of voters (5)
  • 8% of voters (7)
    Thin White Duke
  • 6% of voters (5)
  • 4% of voters (4)
82 Total Votes  
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The poll is up! Thanks to all who participated - this certainly got a lot of interest!
THE CONTESTANTS (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Tie close up (Click to show)

Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix View Post

Travelling tomorrow, so no entry. But in the spirit of the thing:

Originally Posted by atia2 View Post

First outing for this beauty last week:

Edit: taken within last 7 days, hope that counts!

Originally Posted by southernstyle View Post

I jumped the gun today:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

Well, this should really have been entered last week. Or could have been. Sorry about the inevitably poor photos taken with a laptop camera which will no doubt ensure I get no votes.

For some background, some of you may know that a major typhoon hit the Kansai area of Japan over the last couple of days. That's where I have been, and that why this cotton/linen Isaia suit in a fine blue and white stripe is rather crumpled, and also why - although you can't see this - the soles of my new 'antique smoke' Rider boots got soaked (all carefully dried out now and no harm done - and it did really highlight the fact that the Norwegian welting on these babies works phenomenonally well).

Other deets: square is a cotton from a local company in Nippori in Japan where I am living which uses a traditional method of indigo dyeing but with modern designs (this one has bicycles on it); plain white Irish linen BD; and the tie, which should be the point: a very preppy number in primary colours from PRL - not at all my usual style, but it's summer and I think it works as the only brightly coloured element of the ensemble.

Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

Sorry about the dental surgery, SB - hope that all fares well in the end.

My entry for the Friday Challenge:

Originally Posted by RogerP View Post

Happy Friday gents.

Edit: close-up of tie.

Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

Another pink paisley, but a somewhat different take on the rest of the outfit. I had to decide between this and a lime green one, but the pattern on the lime one is much more tame (small blue flowers), and I wore it last week. Besides, this tie is the only one I have that's drawn a compliment from a Senator.

Closeup of the tie:

Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

As this is a "bold" tie challenge, I thought I'd channel a little bit of the late 40s "bold look" for men. Dangerous territory to emulate these days, so this is a fairly toned-down interpretation but still has the looser cut, showy DB lapels, very strongly coloured & patterned tie and an overall, well, bold effect.


Spoo, your post upthread has me on tenterhooks! FlyingMonkey: looks great, in a very American sort of way. It reminds me of a movie (might have been Air America?) where there's this CIA guy or Congressman or something arrives in some SE Asian country dressed kind of like that. Actually, you look better than that guy did, but that's the vibe I'm getting.

Originally Posted by RDiaz View Post

Boldest tie I have + wrinkled linen trousers sprezz

Pics don't seem to capture the true nature of this tie. It's a rather shiny silk reppe weave, with woven dots.

Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

My bold is likely still boring...

Originally Posted by SeaJen View Post

Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

I will add to the madras bucket. Good timing of this challenge as my wife and I are off to bet the ponies this afternoon. (she's wearing a fun bold dress too, but that accessory got cut out of the picture.)

(hope I don't lose points for navy pents. not sure what else to wear with a one-off seersucker jacket.)

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

here goes smile.gif


Originally Posted by Snoogz View Post

Terrible Pictures Im sorry. I had to use my phone this morning because I was in such a rush.
But I still wanted to attempt to participate in this challenge.

Originally Posted by Winot View Post

Here's my rather over-exposed effort:


Tie - Sims & McDonald
Shirt - Sean O'Flynn
Suit - Steven Hitchcock

Originally Posted by eazye View Post

It's completely overcast today, so my crappy pictures reflect that. Jacket is navy, shirt stripes are mid blue, tie is, well......
The tie in question


Originally Posted by SharplyTailored View Post

Yet ANOTHER bloody paisley tie...

Tie: Tie Rack
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Pretentious photo editing skills: My own

Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Watch out, suckas! Things went more easily than I expected, and I decided to go in to the office.


Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

Pink + Blue + White tie

Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

I got John Blaze shit.

My intent was to wear a bold tie but not be gaudy about it - I could have pulled a Versace out and murdered it. But, I wanted to do something that was cohesive, which I think is much harder to accomplish than throwing on, oh, a pink cashmere attolini tie. smile.gif

Vintage MTM cotton suit (not my MTM)
Tindari shirt
Polo RL tie
Hermes Bee jacquard gavroche
Trafalgar cortina leather belt
Aqua di Colonia Firenze
Invisible socks
Gaziano & Girling Antibes on their maiden voyage

Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

This is one of the bolder ties I own...especially up close.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Originally Posted by rms340 View Post

First time contributing to a challenge. Cheers!


Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

Houndstooth silk knitted tie

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

Details. (Click to show)

Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

Pink shirt kick lately...

Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

Not what I was planning on wearing, but this tie jumped out at me. Robert Talbott patchwork repp -- a tie made out of ties. Here's why you iron your pants, kids.

Originally Posted by Thin White Duke View Post

I wanted to wear this suit for the summer suit challenge but I was out of town:

Close up on boldness:

Originally Posted by jcmeyer View Post

Probably won't hold up as bold, but what the heck.

More pics (Click to show)

Originally Posted by Butler View Post

Hopefully tasteful, and as Beppe bold as I can possible go in the circumstance!

Morning coat and DB waistcoat by Steven Hitchcock
Turnbull & Asser shirt with Budd detachable collar

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SouthernStyle, SeaJen, Butchy and an Acute Style get it from me - the Thin White Duke would have taken it if not for the (sorry man) tragic PS combination.
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RDiaz gets my vote. Well done, and tasteful at that!

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How do these percentages work? And it's only showing what can fit on my screen; there are more!
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^ Percentage of total votes cast, I think.

No, that can't be right. No idea.
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For me, O/O, Holdfast, Stitch, and Sug. And an honorable-mention vote to YRR because that patch repp tie is so bananas. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by SharplyTailored View Post

How do these percentages work? And it's only showing what can fit on my screen; there are more!

You can vote for more than one, if that's what you mean?
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OK, my two cents:

My #1 Draft Pick: Sugarbutch. The fact that he incorporated that tie (and also a PS that looked like it needed batteries) into what looked like a reasonable business outfit was off-the-hook. IMHO no one even came close.

Second Tier: Orge and Spoo....they both incorporated really bold ties into all-around amazing fits.

Those were my votes. Honorable mentions:

Winot...to pull off that much pink takes balls...and I bet the full fit looked great (from what I can see from the close-up).

Thin White Duke...that neon tie mixed with Seersucker was inspired. The choice of PS with it was not.

Butler...just gets points for being in a category all by himself in what looks to be a bespoke Morning Suit. But, the tie can't compete due to the theme of the challenge.

And Roger P and Sharply Tailored...both would be the Dude of the Day on WAYWRN Thread with the fits presented here...but the ties just didn't stand out enough.
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Spoo, Bourbonbasted and Jcmeyer for me - the two latter for the ties themselves and Spoo for a surprise combination of yellow and tan.
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SS and Orge also had nice ties.
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Originally Posted by SHS View Post

You can vote for more than one, if that's what you mean?
I mean that the percentages are adding up to more than 100%.
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Percentages reflect the percent of voters that chose a given candidate. Since you can vote for more than one, they may sum to more than 100%.
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Am I the only one that  notices the fact that Southern Style few sits ago transformed into a Super Saiyan?

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I gave a lot of votes, since i considered the "boldness" of the tie (if that makes sense) first and then the combo, so I don't remember for how many I voted, but my favorite ones were: Clags, RogerP, bourbon-I don't remember the rest of the name (sorry!), southernstyle, stitchy and Spoo.
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