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Monk shoes

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My first post, folks.
I'm in the market for a good pair of black (single strap) monk shoes.
I am considering the Grenson 0008-01, but I've heard differing accounts on quality and indeed fit.
Does anyone have experience of this shoe, or alternatively, can anyone recommend another brand?
Happy to hear your thoughts.
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Sorry, I should've included the link to the Grensons:
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The Grenson "Rose" line (or something similar to that, maybe it's the G:TWOs on their site) is made to a much lower quality; they're usually cheaper, as well. These look to be honest-to-God Northampton-made shoes.
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I also noticed these:


However, I've also heard that the quality of Church shoes have gone a little awry recently, apparently as a result of a takeover. Though these are marked "Made in England", does this mean the shoe is made in it's entirety in England, or assembled there? And who or what is Capital leather?


They're significantly less expensive than the G-Zero Grenson monk - is that indicative of quality?


My apologies for all the questions, but the more I look into it, the more confused I'm becoming.




ps. Thank you for the replies posted to date.

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Guys, this is the dress shoe of the season. Isn't it time you joined the order of the monkstrap?


Thing is, there are ground rules.
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