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Unstructured Jackets for larger guys

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Hello all, I'm hoping for some advice.

In my quest for a nice, casual unlined jacket for spring/summer, I have noticed that most popular manufacturers such as Bogioli, or Tombellini (for example) only make there unstructured sport coats for men of the slimmer variety.

I myself am just over 6' and around 220lbs, but not fat by any means I think. I was weight lifting for a while and now I fear my arm size won't fit for anything unstructured off the rack.

Anyways, is anyone here in a similar boat as I? Any suggestions as to what brand would be geared towards larger gentlemen without looking like a cheap potato sack?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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have you tried boglioli k jacket line?  im about the same height/weight and size 52/54 fits decent. 


but then, i doubt rtw works for you if you are 6' 220lbs and under 10% body fat...

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I'm definitely not 10% my friend. More then the body it's the arm hole and sleeve. Always too tight.

Do tailors make totally unlined jackets? I doubt they would look as stylish as a ready made one.
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Yes, if requested. 


Stylish, really depends what's your goal.  If you are looking after those bleached/distressed fabric looks offered by companies like Boglioli or LBM, then bespoke makers might not have access to those same fabrics.


But at the very least they will make it fit.


What's the point of fitting into a silhouette that's not designed for your build?


By the way, its all about fit before silhouette and even the standard outfitters like BB or RL won't let you walk out of their store looking like a potato sack.

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An unstructured jacket will define your shoulder line more and overall body shape. While ready to wear may not exactly fit you given your physique, custom made or bespoke just might do the trick.

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I will ask my tailor, and probably show him a few pictures of what I have in mind. But like a previous poster said, I doubt they would have access to some of the more casual washed fabrics like some of the established brands.
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