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Suit design advice

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Hey all, I am preparing my office wardrobe and decided I will need 5 suits. I am plannings as follows:


-Dark navy suit (with subtle texture stripe) - I already have this suit

-Lighter navy suit

-Medium gray suit

-Charcoal suit

-Fifth suit?

For the fifth suit, I am considering a pinstripe, but don't know if it should be navy or grey. What would recommend I get for this fifth suit?

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Double breasted navy flannel chalk stripe with peak lapels. If you want to go more conservative, mid gray flannel. You could also opt for a summer suit. Once you hit 5, I would start going seasonal.
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A dark navy with no stripe, no texture.  Totally grail.  If you are not up on Navy, then go with a seasonal mid-grey chalkstripe.  

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Light weight light grey suit? I am really liking navy pinstripes these days though.
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I actually tend to dislike most of the navy pinstripe suits I see, but I like most of the charcoal pinstripe suits I see. Don't really know why, but I definitely would recommend a charcoal pinstripe first. You also might go for a subtle check of some variety.
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Don't buy five suits at once.
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