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Help with Tie

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Hey all,


New to the forums and wanted introduce myself. I've been reading back and fourth on here for some tips on style. Currently I'm on the fence with a tie for a new suit i've purchased. I have a medium gray Tommy Hilfiger suit that I recently purchased on sale and got tailored pictured here... 


 I also purchased shoes which you can see here... 


I'll be wearing a white shirt with the suit and kind of on the fence about a dark, light, strip, or dotted tie. If anyone can help out with that I would appreciate it. I was thinking something on the dark blue end such as this..

I'm still very undecided and open to options. I'll be wearing it to a wedding this weekend and dinner with my girlfriend after. All help greatly appreciated.





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Dark blue tie with pin dots. But of course you should have numerous ties. As per Will of A Suitable Wardrobe:

The role of the necktie you see is to contrast with the wool of the jacket and this is done with more sophistication using texture rather than color. Woven silks are better than printed for that job, and in my opinion the core of a tie wardrobe should be comprised of silk knits, grenadines, satins and oxfords in black, silver and navy. Especially navy. Indeed, a black knit, a black and a silver grenadine and four navy ties in the aforementioned weaves will get a man through his life and do it quite stylishly. Whether they form the basic core of a necktie wardrobe or suffice without further supplement is merely a matter of personal preference.
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Gray (specifially light grey)is the most versitle color in my opion and can be worn with any color tie . I would have to see the actual suit to determine.In this case I wouldn't wear a black tie becuase you are wearing it with Brown shoes.For dark brown shoes I would lean toward darker color ties(e.g. Burgundy,Navy Blue,etc)
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Thanks for the replies... I felt the same way about the light gray suit but I wanted to go with medium blue. Would a light grey pattern tie work? This is a nice look...CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

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Thanks man! I saw an Original Penguin tie today reasonably priced at $12.99. It was dark blue and had like tiny white circles on it which made up it's pattern. What do you think of those ties?

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Not the worst cheap ties I've come across, but you can do better at a place like Marshall's.

As for what tie to choose, you're gonna want more than one, so why limit yourself? Buy one with small dots, buy another with stripes, and buy a solid with some texture to it. Maybe. Other than a couple knits, I don't actually own any solid ties, and there are very few ties worse in my book than a solid satin tie in a bright color. Nothing says high school kid like a black suit, oversized polyester shirt, and a bright red solid shiny tie.

Anyway, sorry for the digression. Buy a few ties with classic patterns and pick which one you want to wear when you're going to be wearing it.
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