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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post

Were the sheets from Frette, Pratesi or Porthault?

Porthault is unusually expensive even among these generally highly priced luxury sheet brands.

Are you saying you buy OTR sheets?

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Can anyone suggest a affordable modern bookshelf source?
Not ikea.
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Try the floor.
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I had no idea bookshelves were dishonest.
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try CB2
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Stand-alone bookshelves are easily the most irritating of all furniture forms. If they're not built in or dimensionally exact, I'm almost assured to want to throw them out. Practically all they do is a make an obnoxiously redundant formal element that clutters the eye level of one's living space with ugly-as-shit spines of psychology textbooks and crossword puzzle compilations. You already have a floor to resist gravity's effects on the books. There's simply no need for people to devote an 8x3x1 patch of wall and floor space so they can have instantaneous access to books they'll never need. Throw the fucking books in the closet or under the bed so they're out of sight and then go fetch one in the rare instance you decide to abandon the Duck Dynasty marathon on tv to read one.
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Fuck this.

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and this too. Just fuck it to hell.

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Eat shit and die, stupid shelves. And take the poster with you.

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I found this mash studio one that fits the bill except im not looking to spend that much (888$)

Put up an ad to see if anyone can build me one

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i use my bookshelves all the time since I have so many damn cookbooks. they're not stand-alone shelves either, so semi-SH approved.
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For simplicity's sake, fuck everything that people put inside their apartments and homes.
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where does a ficus fit into the mix?
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Stephen, I think it takes a couple years to recover from the stress of moving your stuff from one place to the next and wondering why you own so many damn things.
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Ficus is nature. Nature is good. I would have added an exception for anything undergoing cellular respiration, but then I'd have to add another exception to exclude teenagers.
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