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I like the table. Looks like its somewhat kid safe as well.
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Love the table, though would not work for us in current home. Would have looked good in old place.
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Is that authentic Yeti?
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I don't buy anything inauthentic.
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Table's great, good luck with it,
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Bounder, I am not interested in impressing you with how much I spent. In fact, I figured that my rug budget was relatively modest as far as rug prices go, so I never fathomed anybody might take me for bragging. Anyway, the key point you are missing is that pricing is useful information, even if you don't care about it or believe discussing it is vulgar. This is a public discussion forum. If we cannot candidly exchange information, what the fuck are we doing here?

Sorry was that vulgar, too? As a sidenote: in my experience, people who chastize others for vulgarity tend to be the most boorish of sorts and rarely understand what it really means to be vulgar.

Is that really what you have managed to take away from all this?

Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Interior decoration: even the best interior deco is, to me, just a bunch of shit you bought and put in some place you occupy and won't really make me thing that highly of anyone in isolation,

Really? I think a person's interior design choices can say quite a lot. I don't know if those choices would ever make me think more or less highly of a person but they certainly can be quite revealing as to tastes and interests.

I know total fucking morons with nice places.

Yes, well, this applies to a lot of things. Total fucking moronitude is no respecter of class or persons.

Originally Posted by itsstillmatt View Post

I wouldn't lump you in with the foo fighters.

Maybe not. But I don't think he suffers foos gladly, either.

Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

Wait, there's a separate thread for the rug?!


Originally Posted by dopey View Post

I can not tell you how much I look forward to your post asking what kind of children you should get. Especially the part where you tell everyone that they are wrong and the children you have chosen are just perfect for your needs.

While I still think it is slightly tacky to brag about how much you paid for them, I can see how provenance might be something you would want to consider.
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Foo, you might want to rethink that table as I really like it. This cannot bode well on the status of the table.
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Why did poor delivery of the old table lead to a different table decision?
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Because the new table is much much betterer. Quiet, don't jinx it.

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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Why did poor delivery of the old table lead to a different table decision?

The damage sustained implies the table is very delicate to begin with, and we observed problems with the table's workmanship that had nothing to do with how it was delivered.
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I'm looking for a table very similar to that. Maybe one that isn't as long and narrow.
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It's actually not that narrow, but it is long.
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this thread is hilarious

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Of course.


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