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Yanko loafers!

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I just picked up these Yanko loafers from Sky Valet in DC. Yanko is a Spanish company for those that aren't familiar with it. Stylistically, they seem to be more comparable to an Italian shoe than an English. Construction, leather quality, and finishing is quite good. The shoes are constructed with a true Goodyear welt so I expect they'll last nicely. I've only worn them once (these pictures were taken afterwards), so I am just beginning to break them in, but they feel pretty good. The service at Sky Valet was excellent as well. So far, Yanko gets my recommendation. Now they just need to change their name to something better than "Yanko". Regards, Montecristo
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Very sharp. Would you describe them as a dark brown, or do I detect something of a cordovan? Never can tell off of this monitor...looks more dark-brownish. In any event, I really like the style. And I can't say that I have ever heard of that manufacturer, or Sky Valet (a retailer?) for that matter. Yanko seems like a name that would...really...stick with you, though.
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Those are really great looking shoes. I had never heard of Yanko before seeing them at Sky Valet, but I've read up on them some since then. I consider them a more stylish version of Alden. Their whole line-up (at least the 30 or so shoes on display at Sky) is very good looking. This one you got is typical of the great looking shoes they make. IIRC, this one was priced somewhere around $350.
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The shoes are medium/dark brown with a slight bit of a reddish tinge to them. Today I am wearing them with a leather belt marketed as a "cordovan" color. The belt is a bit more reddish than the shoes. Montecristo
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I am curious about Yanko shoes. I stopped into Sky Valet the other day and found a few models I liked. My question is - given the significant markup on Sargents (Premiers for US$344 vs. Pediwear direct-to-me cost of around $200), is there a place to get Yankos onlline for a better price?
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I found this catalog of Yanko models. Some nice looking shoes:
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Another vote in favor of Yanko shoes. This past weekend, I picked up a pair of dark brown suede lace-ups (with Dainite soles) that I had ordered from Sky Valet in Washington, DC. The are considerably more shapely (and better looking) than the other suede lace-ups I have, all of which are from Allen-Edmonds. For those of you in DC, these are the ones Sky has on display in the store.
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