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Loafers With A Suit - How to Convince That This Isn't a Great Option

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I have a friend who hates lace-up shoes and wants to only wear loafers.  He just got an office job where he should wear a suit most days, and asked for my assistance in buying some footwear to go with it.  I offered a very basic black captoe oxford, and he rejected it, saying he hated wearing laced-up shoes and wanted me to go find some variations on loafers.   


I can't tell him "You normally shouldn't wear loafers with a suit" because that just makes him defiant - quoting rules doesn't work.  It also doesn't work to just say, "It looks wrong," as I need to explain why.  So how do I convince him to give some oxfords/derbys/anything laced up a shot*?  Suggestions?   


* I realize that I haven't tried monkstraps or chelseas with him yet.  But he needs a proper shoe wardrobe, and I can't omit all laced-up shoes.

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It sounds like a lost cause. Tell him if he doesn't want your advice, you can't help him.

If he wants to know why loafers don't work with a suit, tell him they are too different in terms of formality: suits are a bit higher on the formality scale than loafers.
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How about those "fake" lace-up shoes, like these:



I find this type of shoe ugly, but they would fit his requirements while still look superficially like regular laced Oxford shoes.

(I borrowed the image from here: )

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Observe old saying which states,
'A person convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still.'
Celadon however, provides an excellent suggestion with the G&G Side Gusset.
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Give it up. Horses can't be made to drink.

I'll bet that someone here, sooner rather than later, will pipe up with "What are you talking about, it's fine to wear loafers with suits, blah, blah, blah." It doesn't matter the topic, even those who inhabit sites like these say stupid stuff about what is proper and what is not. You've done what you can.
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Slip-ons with a suit can be good. Done well, it looks louche. That's not always good, but can be.

These, for example, I would wear with a dark suit in a flash. Not that it makes much sense to use Tuczek shoes as an exemplar in this type of thread. Any opportunity, though...

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He's the one who asked for your advice, and he's the one who rejected it. You can lead a horse to water...

Seriously, friend or not, there isn't much more you can/should do.
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Lead him to monkstraps and loafers with structured toes. You're probably not ever going to convince him, but you can mitigate the damage.
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It's ok to wear them sometimes, if that's all you have, are going thru TSA, or have a specific louche look you're going for. 1 applies here but I'm trying to change that.

My objection is to thinking that laceups are necessarily uncomfortable or not stylish, and loafers are the solution.

Thanks. I live in tge Midwest- lot of bad loafers out here! After all...
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Loafers are okay with suits in some workplaces, sometimes. Okay, not ideal.

The way to dispel the idea that lace-up dress shoes are uncomfortable is to ask why he has the perception. Then, because many people have worn shoes that don't fit, urge getting measured and trying on brands he hasn't worn before.

If that fails, encourage monkstraps or loafers that are nice-looking.
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I'm shocked that this thread hasn't been filled with single and double monk strap suggestions. I love them, easy to slip on and off, and they look professional enough for any setting outside of an actual courtroom.
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I love monks too, and true, many single monks have the elastic attached to the buckle. I would hesitate to consider monks as slip-ons though but yes, they would be an possibility.
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Although I don't like them, Chelsea boots are probably the most conservative slip-ons to wear with a business suit.

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