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For Sale: FORMAL SHIRTS ADDED--$10 each, shipped! Also Turnbull & Asser, Brooks, Lewin, Lacoste, Rubinacci, more! Dress, casual, polos! FREE SHIPPING AND OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
FORMAL SHIRTS ADDED--$10 each, shipped! Also Turnbull & Asser, Brooks, Lewin, Lacoste, Rubinacci, more! Dress, casual, polos! FREE SHIPPING AND OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have dozens of beautiful shirts to pass on today, from J. Press, Turnbull & Asser, Lewin, Pink, Canali, Brooks Brothers, and more!


Also as always, all prices include FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONUS; International inquiries are also welcome, with shipping at cost!

All shirts are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

Please PM with interest and offers!!!


I have several formal shirts to pass along today--these are all very well priced, and so would be ideal for a younger member just putting together a formal outfit, or for someone who wants a formal shirt they don't need to worry about in case of spills! All will require laundering; all are rumpled from storage.

Each shirt is $12 > 10; this includes shipping in the CONUS. Given shipping costs, this means that these shirts are essentially free! smile.gif

1) Paul Frederick. 16 1/2 - 32. Pleated front. French cuffs. Very Good condition.

th_DSC06206_zpsd4dbe7c0.jpg th_DSC06207_zpse691daa7.jpg

2) Brooks Brothers. 16-35. Pleated front. Requires studs. French cuffs. Made in the USA. Very Good condition.


th_DSC06205_zps54a388c4.jpg th_DSC06204_zps757e7ac4.jpg

3) Brooks Brothers. 16.5 - 34. Pleated front. Requires studs. French cuffs. Made in the USA. Very Good condition.

th_DSC06203_zpscf72a358.jpg th_DSC06202_zpsab1bd537.jpg

4) Brooks Brothers. 14.5-32. Wing collar. Requires studs. french cuffs. Very Good condition.

th_DSC06201_zps88a2620e.jpg th_DSC06200_zps5bc0b15e.jpg th_DSC06199_zpsdb97ed3a.jpg

5) Monte Carlo.16 - 16.5. Micropleated front. Concealed placket with button fastening. Wing collar. French cuffs.

th_DSC06198_zps9ad4b632.jpg th_DSC06197_zps3b5c139a.jpg th_DSC06196_zps0be10e17.jpg

6) Brooks Brothers. 15.5 - 35. Pleated front, French cuffs. Requires studs. Some yellowing to collar; Good condition.

th_DSC06195_zps0ebbbfa9.jpg th_DSC06194_zpsdd31c03b.jpg


1) Brooks Brothers straight collar. 15.5-5. A beautiful, older shirt! My pictures don't do this shirt justice at all; it's a wonderful pale lilac miniature glen plaid that's very, very subtle. In Very Good/Excellent condition, as it's older and I'm cautious! Contrast collar. Asking just $18 >16.

th_DSC02563_zpsff4df395.jpg th_DSC02564_zps018db054.jpg

2) Turnbull & Asser. Size 16, 41. A beautiful waffle-weave shirt in gorgeous pale pink waffleweave. Contrast collar and French cuffs. In Very Good/Excellent condition, as it's older and I'm cautious! Asking just $25. SOLD

th_DSC02565_zpsac8f6de8.jpg th_DSC02566_zpsa99074ed.jpg th_DSC02567_zps6e29b327.jpg th_DSC02568_zps3e1af435.jpg

3) Cable Car Clothiers. Sea Island cotton. 17-34. Good/Very Good condition. Asking $12. SOLD

th_DSC02569_zps4802fbe4.jpg th_DSC02570_zps999070ee.jpg

4) Thomas Pink. 16-26. MADE IN IRELAND, and so dating from when Pink was intending to be a real Jermyn Street shirtmaker! Beautiful. Asking $18 > 16. SOLD

th_DSC02572_zpsd16274c8.jpg th_DSC02573_zps6cc10696.jpg th_DSC02574_zps32e57d36.jpg

5) J. McLaughlin. Size L. From the overpriced Preppy store in Princeton. This has contrast striped lining in both collars and cuffs, as shown. Chest: 22, sleeve: 35. Asking just $16 > 14.

th_DSC02575_zps85f24f13.jpg th_DSC02576_zps2fb880dd.jpg th_DSC02577_zps70aa9e6d.jpg

6) Brooks Brothers gingham, seersucker-y shirt. XL. Perfect for the summer! Chest: 23 3/4. Short sleeves. Asking $16. SOLD

th_DSC02578_zps47d4bdc5.jpg th_DSC02579_zps66724058.jpg

7) Canali. 16.5-42. BEAUTIFUL! Asking just $24 > 19

th_DSC02580_zps79913db2.jpg th_DSC02581_zpsfda066ad.jpg th_DSC02582_zps902991ec.jpg

8) Maus and Hoffman. XXL. A beautiful shirt! Chest: 28, sleeve 35. Asking just $17 > 15

th_DSC02583_zps6ab389bf.jpg th_DSC02584_zps85a0db03.jpg th_DSC02585_zpsfd3a8733.jpg

9) Brooks Brothers button down. 15.5-R. Butcher stripe. Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking just $16. SOLD

th_DSC02586_zps4840619b.jpg th_DSC02587_zpse431e62d.jpg th_DSC02588_zpsa77a4c46.jpg

10) Bobby Jones casual shirt. XL. Woven in Italy. Chest: 25 1/4, sleeve 36 1/4. Asking $16 > 14

th_DSC02589_zps788f7cb6.jpg th_DSC02590_zps1a3e1d3b.jpg th_DSC02591_zps0d3fcc74.jpg

11) Austin Reed, size L. A wonderful vintage shirt, that's 50/50 wool/cotton. Wonderful collar fastening system! Chest: 22 1/2, sleeve 29 3/4. Asking $14 > 12

th_DSC02592_zps619497cd.jpg th_DSC02593_zps61b4a9ef.jpg th_DSC02594_zps2bb5ecf0.jpg

12) Woolrich casual shirt in brushed cotton. . L. A pale primrose yellow. MADE IN THE USA! Chest: 22 1/2, sleeve 33 3/4, length: 29 1/2. Asking just $16 > 14

th_DSC02595_zpsfd6ae39b.jpg th_DSC02596_zps6fbaa031.jpg th_DSC02597_zps60088c9a.jpg

13) Brooks Brothers. L. Seersucker-y, short sleeve. Chest 23. Asking just $15 > 12 SOLD

th_DSC02599_zps89fb6064.jpg th_DSC02600_zps1e7b4ecd.jpg th_DSC02601_zps5ee2655d.jpg

14) Viyella by Patrick James. L. Beautiful! Chest: 23 1/2, sleeve 34. Asking $24. SOLD


th_DSC02603_zpsef735b24.jpg th_DSC02604_zpse0469fd1.jpg th_DSC02605_zpse8790b1a.jpg th_DSC02606_zpsa8ddda13.jpg th_DSC02607_zps986c1274.jpg

15) Orvis casual shirt. L. Chest 23 1/2, sleeve 34 1/2. Asking just $14 > 12

th_DSC02609_zps22672fde.jpg th_DSC02610_zps9003cdce.jpg th_DSC02611_zpsf408c2dc.jpg

16) Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Polo. L. Chest 23 3/4. Asking $16 > 12

th_DSC02612_zpsb2df8d60.jpg th_DSC02613_zps8def1c7c.jpg

17) Lacoste polo. Size 7. Chest 23. Beautiful! Asking $18.SOLD

th_DSC02614_zps8be250bb.jpg th_DSC02615_zpseafedc50.jpg th_DSC02616_zpsfae075c6.jpg

18) Brooks Brothers seersucker-y shirt. Size L. Asking $16 > 14 Chest: 23 3/4.

th_DSC02617_zps1d382472.jpg th_DSC02618_zps66c10cd4.jpg th_DSC02619_zps73706ce0.jpg

19) Brooks Brothers OCBD. 16-34. The Classic! very Good/Excellent condition. MADE IN THE USA. Asking just $18 > 15

th_DSC02621_zpsdf967189.jpg th_DSC02622_zpsdaa5d8b8.jpg

20) Land's End. 17-35. Asking just $16 > 14

th_DSC02623_zps399961b1.jpg th_DSC02624_zps65e35d19.jpg th_DSC02625_zpsec51ae7c.jpg

21) Viyella tattersall shirt. L. Absolutely beautiful! Chest: 23 1/2, sleeve 35 1/2. Asking $24 > 22

th_DSC02626_zps591582ee.jpg th_DSC02627_zps8153c5e2.jpg th_DSC02628_zpsceeef046.jpg th_DSC02628_zpsceeef046.jpg th_DSC02629_zps8ce04372.jpg

22) Brooks Brothers tartan. XL. Reversed material; lightweight and perfect for summer! Very Good condition. Chest 24 1/2, sleeve 34. SOLD

th_DSC02629_zps8ce04372.jpg th_DSC02634_zps95672ac9.jpg th_DSC02635_zps05fa7f36.jpg

23) Brooks Brothers sport shirt. L. Chest: 26, sleeve 34 1/2. Rumpled, but Very Good condition otherwise. Asking just $12 > 10

th_DSC02643_zps985f762b.jpg th_DSC02644_zpse16d2164.jpg

24) Rubinacci. 16. BEAUTIFUL! Made in italy. Spread collar, excellent condition. Asking just $20 > 18

th_DSC02646_zps9231531a.jpg th_DSC02647_zps459e26b2.jpg th_DSC02649_zpse1861a8d.jpg

25) Brooks Brothers casual shirt. L. A beautiful dark rust! The label picture shows the color most accurately. Excellent condition. Chest: 24, sleeve 35. Asking just $16 > 14

th_DSC02650_zpse153d6cf.jpg th_DSC02651_zps89959f42.jpg th_DSC02653_zps56ccd910.jpg

26) J. Press. 16-34. An absolutely beautiful shirt! Some minor marking on the inside of the collar, which might come out but in any case can't be seen when worn. Hence, just very Good condition, and so just $22. SOLD

th_DSC02654_zpsc69b89ce.jpg th_DSC02655_zps84cdcab4.jpg th_DSC02656_zps5a301f4f.jpg

27) T. M. Lewin. 16.5, 42. Made in England, back when Lewin was a real shirtmaker! French cuffs. Asking just $ 18 > 16, or offer.


28) Brooks Brothers OCBD. The classic, in the desirable blue and white stripe! Made in the USA. SOme discoloration in the interior neck, which might or might not launder out. Hence asking just $12, or offer. SOLD

th_DSC02668_zps100d8460.jpg th_DSC02669_zps86a6cbe2.jpg th_DSC02670_zpsd8391e79.jpg

29) Brooks Brothers. 17.5-34/35. Stripes! Asking just $15 > 13

th_DSC02671_zps72aca716.jpg th_DSC02672_zps89618542.jpg th_DSC02674_zpsb347837f.jpg

30) Land's End Polo shirt. 42-44. Pale lilac. $8 > 6

th_DSC02677_zps372031e8.jpg th_DSC02678_zps53b562ed.jpg

Previously listed, with price drops:

31) Brooks Brothers "Brooksflannel". 16-Long Sleeve. 8-/20 cotton/wool. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! In excellent condition. Asking $18 > 16


32) LL Bean Large Tall. Pale yellow. Front pockets. Excellent condition. Asking $14 > 12


33) Alain Figaret. Straight collar. 18L. Excellent condition. Asking just $12 > 10


34) Brooks Brothers. 17-33. BEAUTIFUL golden wheat shirt with thin white stripes. OCBD. Excellent condition. Asking $15 > 13


35) Brooks Brothers. L. Pink, with white and pale blue stripes. BD. Excellent condition. Asking $14 > 12


36) Gitman Brothers. 17-34. Slate grey. Straight collar broadcloth. Excellent condition. Asking just $14 > 12


37) Josef Borg, of Princeton. Custom tailors. Borg's recently closed, and so this is a lovely rarity! Made in 1979, offered here for just $9, this is in Good, useable condition. No size tag, but measures collar 19 1/2, sleeve 34, Chest 26.


38) Brooks Brothers Polo. Size XL. Excellent condition. Just $8 > 6

th_MoonTradMouse091-1.jpg th_MoonTradMouse092-1.jpg th_MoonTradMouse090-1.jpg

39) Ike Behar shirt. Lovely colours, perfect for Fall! 18 1/2-34. Just $7 > 6

th_MoonTradMouse095-1.jpg th_MoonTradMouse094-1.jpg th_MoonTradMouse093-1.jpg

40) Brooks Brothers 16 1/2--3. A beautiful green button down shirt with small white overcheck--perfect for all seasons! Asking just $12 > 10, or offer.

th_WaterhollowSummerTrad043-1.jpg th_WaterhollowSummerTrad044-1.jpg

41) Brooks Brothers 16-6. Contrast tab collar. Made in USA. Asking just $10, or offer.

th_WaterhollowSummerTrad045-1.jpg th_WaterhollowSummerTrad046-1.jpg

42) Paul Frederick. 16-6. Contrast tab collar and contrast French cuffs. Asking just $8, or offer.

th_WaterhollowSummerTrad049-1.jpg th_WaterhollowSummerTrad051-1.jpg

43) Brooks Brothers. 16-6. Contrast tab collar. Made in USA. Asking just $10, or offer.

th_WaterhollowSummerTrad052-1.jpg th_WaterhollowSummerTrad053-1.jpg

44) Brooks Brothers 17-34. Cutaway collar. Made in USA. Asking just $12, or offer.

th_WaterhollowSummerTrad055-1.jpg th_WaterhollowSummerTrad056-1.jpg

45) Brooks Brothers straight collar. 17.5-34. MADE IN THE USA. Excellent condition. $10


46) XL Woolrich shirt jacket. Made in the USA. A trad. cold-weather classic! Excellent condition. Asking just $15. Chest: 27, Sleeve from shoulder: 26 1/5, Length (BOC): 33. SOLD


47) "The Woodsman" chamois-type shirt.. Vintage, some minor pilling throughout, so Very Good condition. Made in the USA. Very cool label! Small; chest 19, sleeve c. 32. Asking just $10.


48) Pendleton wool shirt jacket. Made in the USA. Tagged XL, but appears to have been shrunk--now closer to a Small. Chest: 21, sleeve c.32. Asking just $8


49) Osh Kosh heavy buffalo shirt. Chest 22, sleeve c. 33 1/2. Excellent condition. Asking just $10


50) Woolrich chamois-style shirt. Very Good condition. Made in the USA. Chest 21 1/2, sleeve c.32. Asking $14.


51) Cabela's heavy cotton shirt. Size M. Made in USA. Very Good/Excellent condition. Chest 21 1/2, sleeve c.35. Asking $11.


52) Viyella, woven in SCOTLAND for Land's End. Size L, Tall. Very Good condition; minor rumpling only. Chest 22 1/2; sleeve c. 34. Asking $18. SOLD


53) Viyella, woven in SCOTLAND for Land's End. Size L, Tall. Very Good/Excellent condition; minor rumpling only. Chest 22 1/2, sleeve c. 34. Asking $18. SOLD


54) LL. Bean heavy cotton shirt. Made in Canada. L, Tall. Chest 25, sleeve c.35 1/5. Asking $14.

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