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anyone have a suggestion of what shirt fits closest to the Express 1MX shirts but with a better quality at a price point of $50 or less a shirt? Is this just not possible to find? I just ordered some Extra Slim Fit shirts from CT so it'll be a few weeks before I receive them. 


I've been reading through this thread and online and there are so many opinions of each. Great information, but hoping someone has a good example. I'm 5'5 - 145lbs athletic lean build. I have short arms though :( so hopefully a 33 will not be too long on me. 


Thought of modern tailor but I'd like to see what other options I had first. Would SF agree that CT or TML quality supercedes modern tailor at the similar price point?

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I started a separate thread for this but, seeing as it got no replies, perhaps this is a better place for it....


I just noticed that Land's End is now carrying a small line of "Slim Fit" dress shirts in addition to their older "Tailored Fit".  Has anyone tried these?  LE describes them as "compared to Tailored Fit, it is 1½″ smaller in the chest and 2″ smaller in the waist, with proportioned cuffs, collar"


I tend to buy their tailored fit, but end up having to choose between 16.5/33 (which is slightly baggy on the shoulders/chest but allows me to button the neck and wear a tie)  and 16/33 (which fits my body almost perfectly but is slightly too small in the neck).  I've seen others on the forum complain of the same thing, so I'm wondering if a slim 16.5/33 would now solve the problem.

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To all of you out there looking for something beyond the standard "Slim Fit" - Vastrm is a newly built company whose goal is to develop the perfect fitting polo for ALL body types. We have a Home Try On program to get you set up with a few different style and sizes of shirts to find you a good base fit. Then we can adjust any part of the shirt including shoulder width, chest, waist, length, arm length, sleeve opening, and sleeve width to fit you perfectly. From there you go onto our website at and create an account to input your own personal FitID. Create hundreds of unique designs with out design your own polo tool or buy from our capsule collection! Any questions? Email us at


BY THE WAY - When you sign up for an account at you instantly earn a $20 credit off your first purchase 

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I'm new to this forum, but i've looked around and can't find an answer. I'm living in Hong Kong and looking to buy off the shelf slimfit shirts. (I already have some MTM which I am happy with, but I also just need some cheap work shirts that are a pretty decent fit, but don't cost MTM prices.) The locals seem to be generally slimfit body shapes, and I suspect that not all of them are buying MTM, so where are they buying their shirts? Does anyone have any advice?


Many thanks,


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check out g2000. It's a cotton/ poly blend but it's cheap and the cut is great for slimmer bodies.
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Hi JezeC,


Yes, thanks for that. I had seen G2000 and was kind of half-tempted, but I wonder if there is anything with slightly better quality on the local scene. HK doesn't seem to have a upper-mid range men's shop, but maybe I've missed something?

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I think your best bet is to look around the malls. Bespoke services is not that expensive in HK compared to the States, so I'm not sure if there are companies offering a mid-point price between G2000 and low-end tailors. 


If I were you, I would definitely consider going bespoke since you can probably find some tailors charging $60-$80 per shirt, especially when G2000 is pricing at around $30 a shirt.  

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Hello again,


Really appreciate the follow-up. Seems to confirm what I had thought. Looked at G2000 again yesterday, but they just aren't that nice. Is $60-80 an option with someone like Peter Lee or Empire but using non-Thomas Mason material, or is it more of a case of a no-name tailor? (I've had a couple mtm from WW Chan, but he seems to go nowhere near $60-80 for any material.)




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Anything out there RTW with less material in the back than Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit shirts?  16/34 in the BB ESF fits perfect everywhere except for a bit too much material in the back.  

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Originally Posted by 3wgg View Post

Anything out there RTW with less material in the back than Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit shirts?  16/34 in the BB ESF fits perfect everywhere except for a bit too much material in the back.  


Kamakura shirts. Check out the collar roll. 

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Just to put out a plug for our shirts -- PEURIST has a wide selection of slim fitting shirts made by the same company that makes Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi, all for $39.99. We promise these are some of the best fitting and best made shirts you will get at this price point. We have two fits available, the 'Custom Fit,' which is the standard slim fit that will work for most, and some shirts marked 'Slim Fit,' which are extra-slim, and are meant for those who are slender and want an even closer fit.

Generally speaking, European items are cut very slim and are much more tailored and fitted than the what you will find in the U.S. We like to say that this is the way shirts were intended to fit. For those who have ever purchased the Luciano Brandi line from one of the big flash sale sites, these shirts have the same fit (Luciano Brandi, as with all of our shirts presently available, is made by Saitt).

In case you're unfamiliar with Saitt or the way its shirts fit, we're currently running a promotion exclusively for SF members, where you can get a shirt for $29.99 + shipping if you want to try one and see how it fits. Just enter code SFFIRSTSHIRT2013 at checkout, and you will receive $10 off the first shirt you purchase (item will still be final sale). Note that you must create an account and be logged in in order for the discount to take effect. Coupon code works a single time per customer. So try one out, and then come back for more. You will not be disappointed.
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Okay... wanted some opinions regarding buying shirts. I'm about 5'9", 180 pounds 43" chest, 32" waist, 35" arms. The problem with 'slim' shirts is my drop. If it fits my shoulders/chest, the waist still has too much material. I shop all over and simply haven't found much I like, especially in white dress shirts.

I took my current shirts to a tailor to be taken in, etc. At this point I'm looking at trying moderntailors shirts (or something similar). Many of the sites I notice do the same thing and just call their shirts slim, etc. Many years ago I had some shirts made from the Custom Shirt Shop and the fit was amazing. I'm looking for something that is truly fitted to me, not just a narrower shirt.

Before running off and ordering something, I'd thought I'd first check to see if anyone had any suggestions moving forward?

Thank you in advance.
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Looking for some fit advice by using BB ESF as reference point.

Need something that is bigger in the neck, similar in the chest, slimmer in the wasit and longer in the sleeves.
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WoodyGG -  We can help you with sportswear.  We have a line of polos in short sleeve and long sleeve.  We also have tshirts, henleys and hoodies that we started to sell.  All of our garments are made to order, so we can certainly accommodate your drop while also fitting your shoulders, chest and arms.  You can either ping me direct or visit our site  our site only markets our polos for now, but we can accommodate special orders as well. 

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JezeC - Similar to woodygg, we can help get you fitted into knit sportswear.

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