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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post
Oh I think you misread my post. The Express fitted shirts so far are the best fitting shirts I've tried on but the material is indeed really bad after a few washes. I'm wondering if there's a similar cut shirt that isn't so cheaply made.

exact same boat i'm in. i have a feeling i'm going to end up mailing off an old faded express shirt to to have them copy or something. i've had no luck finding shirts that fit similarly anywhere.
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Are we really that oddly shaped that only Express will cater to us? I've got the same problem in that the best fitting OTR shirt I've found is Express. The waist needs to come in an inch or two, but beyond that, neck, chest, arms, cuffs, it's all bang on! I think it's time to do MTM. The waiting for delivery is what's put me off. In the mean time, I'm inclined to give Ledbury a go. If the fit's there, I'll be chuffed.
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+1 Love the Express fit. If only they were better quality.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post
I'd really like to keep it at $80 or under. I can get an employee discount at a store like BR and get it tailored, which should cost about $40 a shirt before alterations. But the sleeves are a bit long, so I'd have to get those shortened and the body taken in.

I'll be checking out Normstrack Rack as well this weekend to see if I have any luck with some OTR brands. Already went through most mall brands except the Gap slims which are only available online.

Well, moderntailor sales is my recommendation. Although for 19 more you can get something from propercloth with their fit guarantee. (link in sig)

Every Express piece of clothing I have seen has severely disappointed me. BR shirts do not inspire me with sartorial longing either. Although I do like their ties. But only because they come in 3.25"
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I, too, have a problem finding fairly priced shirts that don't make me look as though I'm wearing a trashbag.

My advice is I would give Eagle Shirtmakers (Macy's) and Kenneth Cole's Slim Fit (also available at Macy's) a try.

Since the last several posts have been in re mall brands, I feel those recs are fitting (excuse the pun). I do not at all seek to compare these 'mall brands' to the higher end merchandise often discussed here but I think budget has been a concern of recent posters as it is for me.

Eagle's shirts seem to be of very high quality for the price and mine still look fresh and crisp after numerous washes. They come in a slim fit and while they aren't ultra slim, they are sufficient. they're often on sale at Macy's for $35-50. I think msrp is in the neighborhood of $69.00 or so.
Also, for what it's worth - Eagle also makes a great 100% silk tie for the money. They're thick, soft, and tie a great knot. Check the tables and see for yourself if you have a moment - can be found for $20-40, depending.

I got lucky with a Kenneth Cole as I walked in to a Macy's to kill some time and found a KC slim fit in a nice powder blue on the clearence rack for $14.00. Not as high on quality but looks great and will definitely do the trick.

I've been told by SF vets that BB has some nice choices in their 'Extra Slim' fit. The next time they have a sale, I'm in.

Just my $00.02!

- E63
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Originally Posted by Embargo63 View Post
I've been told by SF vets that BB has some nice choices in their 'Extra Slim' fit. The next time they have a sale, I'm in.- E63

BB Extra Slim Fit shirts are great, and for the longest time, BB didn't stock staple colors in the Extra Slim Fit Line. But they now seem to have plain white, which is awesome.
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Can someone please assist. I'm having the hardest time finding a slim (15/34-25) shirt with a small semi-spread collar, blue pattern (check, window, not stripes, etc)... looking for something a little less conservative, something that will look great with or without a tie... and something I can buy online. In terms of fit and collar, closest I've found so far are the Shipley and Halmos dress shirts, but they only seem to do a monochromatic thing (and they are not neck sized, but fit me well). Looking to spend $100-200.
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Hey guys, this is my first post in the forums, but I thought I'd relate my experiences with building my new business wardrobe and trying to find slimmer shirts. I wear a 42 jacket and 34 pants, and usually buy 16" collar (15.5 fits my neck better, but 16 my chest), but require 36" sleeves. Most department stores don't carry anything over 34/35 sleeve length, and even that is hard to find in a 15.5 or 16 collar.

I'm an intermediate body builder, so have a really hard time finding shirts. Slim shirts that fit my chest are generally too baggy in the waist (a common problem I see reading the thread).

Anyway, my main problem was finding a shirt that fit properly in the sleeves. The only ones I've found that have long enough sleeves in 16" collar are the DKNY slims and the CK slims. The tag still says 34/35, but the sleeves are cut longer than any other slim 16-34/35 shirt I've tried on. So for those of you with long arms, give those a shot. I generally think the CKs look better and are made of better fabric. Both shirts are still too baggy in the waist (about 8-10" extra), so maybe I'll have them taken in in the future.
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CK shirts are low quality on the SF scale. Try online made to measure shirts. Link at bottom to one if your interested.
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I certainly agree with phxlaw that CK shirts are low on quality in accordance with our SF brethren.

However, if you are on a budget, you should absolutely give them a whirl. As I stated in an earlier post, CK slims can be found for as little as $14 and are commonly on sale for less than $30-$35. At THAT'd be hard pressed to beat them considering even you have stated that the fit is acceptable and at a glance, the shirt looks great.

Of course, non-custom shirts from the likes of BB and the equivalent are in a different category though with regard to quality and longevity. Though, even on sale, BB's slims and extra slims will run you approximately $65 a pop.

To me, it seems like a simple case of cost benefit - spend twice the price and get a shirt of higher quality that will last longer. Spend the ck price and get a shirt that will deterioate much quicker but still looks/fits great and is 1/2 the cost.

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I recently purchased a Lands' End Tailored Fit Button Down Oxford Shirt. The body fitting is all right however, the sleeves seem to be roomy. I'm impressed by the quality, nonetheless and not to mention it cost only 29.95.
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Thanks guys, I'm sure CK pales in comparison to MTM shirts, but I had a one week window to build my basic business wardrobe, and shirts that fit acceptably off the rack were few and far between. I found two cuts that fit well enough (the DKNY and CK) and got a small variety of about 10 shirts. I'll replace them slowly with MTM from some online vendors, I'm sure!
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Originally Posted by Seward1 View Post
Try Ledbury.

Its a shirtmaker that I recently launched for this very reason. I lived in London for years and when I came back to the States I could never find shirts that fit. Our classic line is slimmer cut than most American shirtmakers and we also have a slim fit collection.

Wish your sizing started at 14.5. 15 just won't do.
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I'm fed up with OTR sizing. I've been putting off MTM because of the transaction time. (I'd rather have $10 now, than $11 tomorrow.) But, I think I've come up with a good strategy for anyone who's been put off by the prospect of waiting weeks for a shirt which is still ill-fitting and must be sent back for a bit of trimming. I'm going to buy some off Ledbury (thanks PHXLawStudent!) as they're the same price as the Hugo Boss shirts I was going to pick up at the weekend. That covers the immediate. Then have have ProperCloth bang one out which is just right using their fit guarantee. Send that one off to Jantzen to be replicated and order a few more using the same measurements form ProperCloth. This way, even if Jantzen takes ages, I'll have enough properly fitting shirts to sort me out. Anyone see flaws in this approach aside from the spending bit of it? My shirts department needs a massive overhaul anyway. In for a penny, in for a pound.
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Has anyone tried Brook's Brothers "extra" slim fit shirts? Thoughts?
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