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Bama wins out
FSU loses to Bama and possibly MSU
Auburn loses to Bama, FSU, and likely MSU
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

Probably Alabama. TBH I would say 'Bama and FSU are the two best teams in CFB this year. Michigan State was excellent as well. Those are probably your four best teams FSU 1, Bama 1B, then MSU and Auburn.

It wouldn't surprise me if Alabama would have won out in a playoff, but how do we call them the #2 team in the country after they get beaten solidly by Oklahoma?
Yeah, and if Nick Saban doesn't make a stupid coaching decision Auburn isn't in the SECCG. If the ball doesn't bounce off Harvey-Clemmons or if Ricardo Louis looks down for a half second they don't beat UGA. I mean, as I said, luck is critical to any championship-winning season, and I don't think Auburn is a bad team.

This is obviously why we don't vote for rankings anymore, but I just have a hard time saying that a team that came *this* close to winning the National Championship isn't actually the #2 team in the country, fluke wins earlier in the year or no.
FSU just looked awful. There was no tackling, for a long time, no speed... they honestly looked like a completely different team than what played the rest of the season.

It's hard for me to say how much of that was just FSU being off and how much was the effectiveness of what Auburn does. Auburn made some very good D's look awful this year, including Alabama. The rushing attack they use really works well to make teams hesitant and blunt their speed by making them think too much. I don't think Auburn goes up 21-3 if they played again next week, but it wouldn't be all that different.
If I may point out to my fellow Southern brothers, we are now in a regional struggle. And with FSU's victory, it is clear that Dixie is dominant. Let us lock arms together and resist this, if you will, northern aggression, recognizing that our way of life is superior.

We can count Florida as part of the South for football happy.gif

For all the talk of SEC dominance, "the South" as a whole has utterly dominated the BCS era. Only four years with a win from a school outside the SEC or the state of Florida.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

For all the talk of SEC dominance, "the South" as a whole has utterly dominated the BCS era. Only four years with a win from a school outside the SEC or the state of Florida.

Texas is sort of Southern and another victory came from Southern Cal. Just throwing that out there...

Also, I get what you're saying about Auburn. The top four teams are all pretty much right up there with each other so even if one could objectively say they are as low as #4, they aren't that far off.
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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post

Like I said, it's an issue with saban's philosophy more than an issue with the team itself. That why that came out and gang raped MSU after the recent 3 loss season and didn't really give a shit about Oklahoma. Of course Saban isn't gonna like the loss but it's more or less a result of his own quest for perfection.

Though I agree with you that Saban's coaching is probably an issue, a football team = players + coaches.
As far as the Bama/auburn portion...If Bama had a kicker worth a shit we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

In other words, if 'Bama had a better team, they'd be No. 1.

Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

I did. I also know you can't generalize about a large sample (ie: a sports season) from specific events (ie: two games; one was fluky, and the other was a bowl game which are always odd games).

But this is the fun of college football, isn't it? I wouldn't argue with anyone who wanted to say that Alabama was the most talented team this year, but were they the best? No. That question was settled on the field.
It did not. It probably was inconsequential to Saban, other than having to lose. Bowl games have minimal impact on recruiting. I love how you say "the proof is in the results, not in speculation" yet speculated one sentence before. In other words: stop.
Yes it was. If he steps out a half second later it goes to OT. If Auburn doesn't have a once-in-a-lifetime play, there's OT. That's it.

How many kids watching these bowl games do you think are deciding between Alabama, Auburn, and FSU? Several interviewed last night had made that choice, so yes I'll continue to speculate that the bowl game results affect recruiting. I would also speculate that these coaches and kids are intensely competitive and want to win at everything, all the time. Oklahoma's players may have wanted it more. Neither McCarron nor the Alabama defense played like champions.
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The issue with the whole discussion on who the best teams are is that you can come up with different answers from a raw talent + coaching perspective (i.e. who is more likely to win any given matchup) and the actual records of the teams. The rankings have to at least pretend to take into account records and it is up to the best team to prove it each week and earn their top ranking.

Alabama is without doubt one of the best teams in the country, but they lost the Iron Bowl (admittedly a mix of their kicker having a shitty day and a lot of luck on Auburn's part) and couldn't get up for a BCS bowl game and got handled by Oklahoma. No matter how talented you are, you don't deserve to be ranked #2 after that.

In a playoff system, there's a good chance they win it all but we're not there yet and that's not something they had a chance to try to prove this year. We'll have to see how that works out next year.
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As much as I love Alabama and Saban, we didn't play well all year. We were off from the start. It was a combination of the players and the coaching. Our o-line was never looking very strong. Hoping we can improve in the off season. Saban made some bad calls, especially in the iron bowl. We had an off year. 11 and 2 is still pretty good for an off year though Look what happened after our last off year though, 2 championships in a row. Looking forward to next year and excited to see how this play off system works out. Roll Tide!

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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

OK, here's a thought experiment... three-game neutral-site series, one week to prepare teams are fully healthy. Would Auburn lose to. Who would Bama lose to. Who would FSU lose to. Who would Michigan State lose to...

Defense wins championships. Michigan State comes out on top.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

A friend of mine texted me that last night, so great.


Did anyone see what Denny's tweeted?


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In FSU's defense, Auburn was apparently stealing signals for the first half. The coaching staff hid the signals in the second and was able to do a lot more on offense.

In Auburn's defense, when FSU is playing a team with that has its former Quarterbacks Coach on the sideline, they should know that their signals will likely get stolen and play accordingly.

Auburn played great. Jameis had his worst game of the year and was 20-35 with 2 tds. Winston plays like a knock-off Peyton Manning. Knows the playbook very well, inspires his teammates. Also doesn't like pressure and runs like an octogenarian. Seriously, I think I'd beat Winston in a foot race. And I ran a 4.7 twenty years ago.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Defense wins championships. Michigan State comes out on top.

FSU had the top scoring defense in the country. MSU has a slight edge in YPG, but very slim.

MSU's defense might have three players drafted this year, and had one drafted last year.

Florida State had six defensive players drafted last year and will likely have five drafted this year.

At best, it's a wash.
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The attorney for the woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of rape said her client plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Heisman Trophy winner, the Tallahassee Police Department and possibly Florida State University.

Pat Carroll, representing the woman who claims Winston raped her in December 2012, told ABC News: “I want heads to roll.”

In December, Florida state attorney Willie Meggs declined to pursue sexual assault charges against the Seminoles quarterback, citing a lack of evidence and gaps in the accuser’s story.

Carroll said the Tallahassee Police Department’s negligent handling her client’s case led to Meggs’ decision to not pursue charges.

What a mess. Jameis is going to come out of the civil trial looking better, her client will look worse, the city about the same, FSU about the same. The city and FSU might throw some hush money, but Winston's attorney is probably looking forward to this. No rape shield in a civil trial. #cleatchasers, the texts to the friend, prior stuff like this is all going to come out. The poor girl really has the worst attorney ever, unless the plan is to play brinksmanship with the city and FSU in hopes of a quick shush payment.
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So rumor has it that Louisville has hired Todd Grantham to be their DC for $1m/year.

A month ago, I probably would have liked seeing him go, but I'm not thrilled about it happening a month before signing day. I really hope Georgia has some advance warning and has prepared for this.
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I like this a lot! Thanks, @FLMountainMan!

UGA to hire FSU defensive coordinator Pruitt

Pruitt coached on staffs that reached the national championship game in four of the last five seasons.

Florida State led the nation in scoring defense last season (12.1 points per game), ranked tied for second in turnovers gained (35) and third in total defense, (281.4 yards per game).
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Originally Posted by MrG View Post

I like this a lot! Thanks, @FLMountainMan!

Really bizarre. Jimbo pays his assistants a lot and if he stuck around I'm sure head coaching job would have opened up. Not sure why he left, hope he got paid.
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