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Those are the three things I have heard said but since there is an older crowd on here I guess I could get more opinions, stories, and experiences.

It's kind of like asking people's opinions on life after High School. Half of them will say it's awesome because either they didn' fit in high school or college was an extension of their popularity......and the other half will say life after high school sucked because they went from being a popular jock to working at a construction job.

College is this weird fantasy world where everything is pretty much setup for you and your life revolves around the college campus. Your classes are setup on a schedule, your living situation gets setup for you and in turn your social circle comes pretty much handed to you on a silver plate. This all takes place in an area(college campus) where everyone is in the same boat and roughly same age. It's like a giant summer camp and your sole responsibility to continue living there is to pass your classes.

Once you graduate this all goes away. There's no more social circle thats handed to you on a silver plate, and you're now going to roll the dice on finding a job where you have no idea if your co workers are going to be young and ambitious people that want to socialize after work, or you might get stuck in a hell hole where you have to everyone is married, boring and just clocks in and out. Add on to the fact that you might have to commute an hour each way and fight traffic, your post college life can turn to crap pretty quickly.

Life after college can be good but only if you get yourself into a right situation. You need to research where young professionals are living and get into an area like that. Really i'd say the first few years after college can still be really fun and similar in terms of bar life 22-25. Its almost like you're still a college but with more money. Once you get close to 30 even the social circle you develop post college will start to shrink do to marriage and kids hitting your buddies.....but that's life and you need to continue to adapt with making new friends.

- you won't make any friends after college (only people who can financially benefit from you)

A type personalities are usual pretty fine post college in this department. Its the B type(who probably frequent internet forums) end up with problems unless they actively are aware of how to take the right course to fix it. As I said earlier, your social circle is a crap shoot post college unless you takes steps to fix it. In my case I didn't have an issue after college because I still had a lot of friends I grew up with living within a pretty close distance. It wasn't until i moved to a new town in my late 20's where I discovered making new friends wasn't that easy(im a type B). I worked in a tech job which is by far the worst career i've found for making friends since your coworkers are usually more socially awkward than yourself.(not saying all tech jobs are this way but i've been in three different companies and coworkers do not hang out socially in any of them)
- dating life will be hell (not as many attractive girls as you would see in college towns)

You got to move to where attractive girls are. NYC has plenty of them. Seriously there are places where you go and you can just feel the vibe that isn't soul sucking. Even though Brooklyn has a ton of hipsters, I absolutely fell in love with the area when I visited my friend there recently. It was sort of like campus feeling in a way because everyone was on the younger side and just a lot of positive energy in the air. I think NYC attracts a ton of bright and good looking people from around the world. Only issue is the friend was paying $3 grand a month for a 1 BR in Brooklyn. But that's how nature designs it....if it was easy and cheap to move there you would have a bunch of dumbasses .....
- work will wear you down and out so after work the only thing you can do is sleep

This is a trial by fire one. If you're like most people and choose a career just for money(Accounting, engineering, finance..etc) then you're going to have to job hop to find a position where they are not killing you. My current position is 40 hour work week including 30 min lunch. Over time is required at times for projects but its a very good deal compared to other situations. (I'd hate the accounting tax season life style)