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Any experience with Adolfo Dominguez?

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I just got back from a visit to Cabo and in the mall there they have a boutique for the Spanish brand Adolfo Dominguez. The mens selection was limited but I picked up a blazer and was shocked to find that this jacket was fully canvassed, 100% linen, and half lined. I do a lot of thrifting and rarely get mixed up on construction but I'm struggling to figure out how this would be possible at this price point. Granted, the lapels are silly thin which is unfortunate and probably a dealbreaker for most if not all of you but I was impressed with the jacket I bought. I'd say the fit is just a bit slimmer than a Suitsupply Roma.

Does anyone here have experience with the brand that can tell me if I failed the pinch test? I have never seen it mentioned on this board before.
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You're the first to comment on them, I'm the 2nd.

Their website currently says they are not in the US. However I'm seeing some google entries mentioning Aventura mall, which is a sweet upscale mall on Miami Beach.

I'm in Paris right now and just went into their store here. It might be the first time in my life where I've ever said, "Oh, I have to come back here and buy a ton of things". Usually I will find one or two things I like in a store, at most. In this store, I realized it was worth a "serious" trip in to purchase several things - probably multiple shirts to start. So that is my plan.

Lots of linen. (pants, shirts)
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