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New to forum, hoping for advice...

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Hey everyone, this is my first post as you can see...


I've done a lot of lurking on the forum, and decided to join up to ask some questions!  The reason I've been lurking is I'm in the market for my first serious suit. I've purchased an inexpensive OTR suit, but nothing that has been tailored to fit me.


I'm getting married in November, and this suit will be the one I get married in, but I'd also like to be able to use it after the wedding for other occasions.


I originally was looking at indochino, but after enough reading on here, I've decided I want to be professionally measured, fit, and tailored all locally. I'm looking at a company here in Southern Cali called Requisite Custom Clothing. I guess they will meet with me, and a style advisor measures me, I pick all the details with that person, and they custom make the suit to my measurements. A true bespoke suit.


When I was looking at Indochino though, I found a suit that I like the appearance of, but I'd like opinions on if it would be appropriate for things other than my wedding. Here's what I was seeing:



I like the gray herringbone fabric, I like the lapel on the vest (I will be buying a 3 piece suit), I pretty much like everything about it, just unsure how well it will work outside of my wedding.




Sorry if these seem like silly questions, and if anything is repeating other threads, I'm happy to click links from people and do lots of reading. I just haven't found the threads myself, but not for lack of trying!




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Bump? Maybe?
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Well, I don't know about the outfit you're working with, but unless they're cutting a pattern for you more-or-less from scratch, then it's not really bespoke.


As to the suit, we don't know your life. There are environments in which you can't wear a SB peak lapel light gray herringbone suit, and there are environments where one is just the ticket. It's not a very conservative suit, but there are occasions where that's okay. It wouldn't be my first choice for a job interview or a funeral.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn't know what kind of info to provide about myself in the first post, but I'll try to elaborate a bit more about me... Here goes! hehe


I'm 25 years old, 6'2", about 205lb on a good day, not an athletic built 205, I have a little bit of a spare tire you could say.


I work for a local water municipality, and day in day out attire is business casual, however one day a week we have to wear more business professional clothing due to board meetings.


My normal outfits are jeans and a t-shirt, or a dark wash jeans with a button down.  Ideally, the suit I'd want would have a coat I could dress down with jeans, or be worn as a full suit in the office, or to other special occasions (weddings, interviews, etc...)


For the wedding, we are doing a bit of a vintage theme, and so I like the gray suit for that, with a vest and tie. I'll probably wear a pocket watch and fedora to boot... If the boss tells me to haha.  But the thing I have control over is the suit.


The company I'm going to be working with to make the suit does build it from scratch, they don't start with a pattern and alter it to my measurements, they use my measurements and my ideas, along with their experience to create a pattern for me. (As I understand it).


They told me to go try some things on first, and take notes, note lapel sizes and shapes that I like, not how the jacket fits, note brands and models with their sizes, etc... By noting certain things on other suits that I like, they said they are familiar with most major high end brands and can use that as a basis for the image I'm trying to achieve.


Hope that helps provide a little more detail for what I'm looking to accomplish. It may not be possible to have one suit that does it all for me! If not, I'd like it to be as versatile as possible, but not particularly boring.


Thanks again for any help anyone can give.



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Makes sense. It would be unstylish to wear the jacket of that suit with jeans. A suit like that is more of a special occasion thing, and then you might want something more conservative to wear for serious stuff. If you want something to wear with jeans, get a sportcoat or a navy blazer. There's not a lot of suits you can split up and wear with jeans, and none of them would be right for a job interview.

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Thank you! I appreciate the suggestions.  Sounds like I am going to need more than one suit lol. That's fine with me, but I think I'll probably go OTR right now for the more conservative suit, and only because I don't have the scratch to buy custom suits too often, the suit I'll wear at my wedding is a wedding gift actually, which is the only reason I can afford to do it! Another reason I want it to be wearable outside of the wedding.


When you say more conservative, do you mean something that would be a solid fabric with maybe a notch lapel rather than a pattern with peak? That sort of thing?


Thanks again

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Originally Posted by scbrooks87 View Post

When you say more conservative, do you mean something that would be a solid fabric with maybe a notch lapel rather than a pattern with peak? That sort of thing?


Thanks again

Bingo. Navy or charcoal. OTR is perfectly fine.

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This is closer to charcoal... Not QUIIIIIITE that dark, but a darker option, closer to charcoal.  I think the cut of the suit is more conservative, although probably a little tighter fitting than I'd go for.




I'd still have a lapel added to the vest, but otherwise I like this one as well.

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I did some trying on of different suits this past weekend. I went into Nordstroms, Hugo Boss, Armani, Macy's, and a few other stores to boot, just to see what shapes and fits I tended to gravitate towards.  I learned I fit about a 40L to a 42R depending on brand and cut, I tended to learn toward the look of the Hugo Boss James/Sharp suit, which best fit me in a 40L, and I really really liked the fit of the Armani suit I tried on, it seemed to be there lowest priced suit, as a price of $1250. Not sure the model on that one.


Anyway, I have decided my budget for the 3 piece suit is about $1100, which is around the price I'd be charged to go through Requisite Custom Clothing, and just have one made...


Would anyone have suggestions on any other options? Maybe a better suit to go for within that price range that I could get with a vest?




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I wouldn't call the second suit conservative either, as it has very fashion forward lapels and the vest is cut short (which is probably why the bottom button is cinched for the photo). I wouldn't call the Ralph Lauren Anthony model conservative by any stretch, but it is a decent OTR suit that can be found deeply discounted, and may be up your alley judging by what you are posting.
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Thanks for the reply! Maybe conservative isn't really my gig then lol. But as for the Ralph Lauren Anthony, it comes in colors that are a bit darker, I'm looking for light to medium grey. I should have mentioned that in my more recent post! hehe.


I appreciate the suggestion though. Hmm, time to keep looking.

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