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Originally Posted by sm31 View Post
Not sure this is appropriate, but thought I'd resurrect this old thread to see if anyone has any more recent recommendations?


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Any links to that LV above? I wear scrubs at work and need something super slim! I carry max of 5 cards and some cash. The only problem is that I lug around a police badge (courtesy of my buddy) and it is made of metal and is a bit thick.... What to get?!
post #18 of 22 This wins. Mine has held up quite well after a year of use.
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I've tried various slim wallets and have settled for this one, minimalist wallet by skinny swede
Didn't feel that hot about it being made of steel, but it grew on me and since it is so thin it bends just enough to feel a little alive. And it is suppose to be able protect the cards from fraud, I don't know.  
Anyway, perfect for 5-6 cards and a few bills, I specially like that I can take out any one card without having to take out all cards. But maybe that's done with the slimmy as well, which I haven't tried - and which looks to do the thin job as well. 
I don't think I will go back to leather I really like this one, but if so I would try the slimmy. 






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The wallet I'm using is the perfect slim wallet in my opinion, it's called HuMn.  It's really thin and versatile for carrying cash and card.  I found out it also protects your credit card against RFID signals.  I recommend it so if you guys want to check it out here's the link... 

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You can try kisetsu's natsu wallet if you are carrying very minimal. ;)

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I feel you may like the Bellroy Men's Leather Micro Sleeve Wallet. It's my personal favorite for the absolute minimalist and my skinny jeans. I write a blog about slim wallets, take a gander:

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