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Need Criticism

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could someone tell me whats wrong here. its a navy suitsupply napoli. Size is 42L. I have to get the pants hemmed yet.  and will wear different shoes. 






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1. Button stance way too high and lapel notch too high for my taste
2. Too wide in the shoulders
3. Hard to tell if sleeve length is OK by the way you're standing
4. What happened to the buttons on your shirt?
5. What happened to your tie?
6. Tuck in that pocket square
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1. is there a another suitsupply suit with lower button stance.

2. wearing a 42L. 42R was to small and 44r was to big. 

3. sleeves looked pretty good in the mirror. 

4. lol .didn't button them

5. didn't wear it. i guess i was going for the no tie look. what tie/material color would you suggest. 

6. i will. 


so should i return this suit or keep it. or can i improve it by wearing a tie.

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Looks small in the body (bowing lapels, pulling at the button), but large in the shoulders. It's hard to tell definitively from those poses, but this may not be the best cut for you.
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here are 2 more pics 


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i guess suitsupply might not a be good fit for me. anyone have any recommendations or other cuts form them. 

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