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Quality, slim fitting OCBD for $40?

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Does anyone make a good quality, slim fitting OCBD around the $40 as a regular price?

I know I can't ask for single needle, 18 spi, etc, but a well made shirt is all that is needed for daily wear.

I know you can find many on sale, but I don't feel like waiting around for sales and then stocking up, nor do I feel like hunting around.

I tried Uniqlo last time I was in China, picked up 2 for approx. $33 each, which were Ok, but fit toooo slim for me (maybe Asian cuts)

Tried Everlane too for $55. Fit was terrible and overpriced for what it was.

Anyone know of any other makers?
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I dont think there's any such thing. Youd probably do better to wait for sales on Brooks Brothers etc.

Lands End Canvas is always on sale and cheap, but it has a puny collar and non-existent roll.
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The best you'll find near that price is the Lands' End Hyde Park tailored fit. It retails for $49—$44 if you buy two or more. (You said no sales, but they do run 30% off sales frequently.)


The quality is decent though nothing special—I wore mine for a couple years and they never wore out. The tailored fit is slightly trimmer than Brooks Brothers' slim fit, though more relaxed than Brooks's extra slim fit. The collar was changed recently, shrinking to 2.75". For comparison, Brooks Brothers collar points measure 3.25". If that's not a deal breaker for you (I'm guessing it won't be, since you liked Uniqlo okay), then these are worth a try.

FWIW, unless you are super sensitive to price or just can't be bothered, I'd stretch for Brooks Brothers. The 30% off sale happens to be next week. The sales are often enough that you wouldn't need to stockpile. They also fall at the same times each year, so you aren't left wondering when the next sale will be.
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How slim do you want them? If you have an athletic frame, it's hard to find a well-fitting shirt without involving some amount of tailoring. I find Brooks Brothers extra-slims fit baggy in the sleeves and back. Lands End's Hyde park shirts aren't exactly a tailored fit.

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^ I'm guessing he doesn't want them extremely fitted, based on the Uniqlo shirts being too tight.
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Thanks ChetB, I'll have to check out the Lands End.

I'm looking for something that isn't a tent. I'm not hipster skinny, but not V-shaped either. Looking for something that is both work appropriate and can use to kick around casually on weekends. After all, that is the beauty of the OCBD the sheer versatility of it.
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If you're up for spending $50 on a shirt, I really think you'd be well served by buying some Brooks Brothers on sale. They are the classic and are superior to Lands End in every way, and on sale are $60. Well worth it IMO.
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Brooks Brothers must-iron Supima Extra-Slim Fit OCBDs (made in America, no less) for $60 on sale are the absolute cheapest you can get a good shirt. There's a massive gulf between it and Land's End.

That being said, if you want to spend less:
  1. Go to the thrift store.
  2. Find shirts that fit in the collar and shoulders.
  3. Have a tailor take in the sides.

Good, fast, cheap: you can only pick two.

edit: said non-iron, meant must-iron
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^Agreed on the Brooks extra slim...except skip the non-iron, especially if you want to wear these casually too. Oxford cloth is beefy enough not to wrinkle a crazy amount, and non-iron looks especially bad to my eye in a casual context.

I think the OP is most concerned with fast and cheap, so thrift shopping probably isn't the route for him, especially if he doesn't even want to deal with the hassle of online sales. I hit 20–30 thrift stores a week and have never found an OCBD in the exact configuration I like and in good condition. Altering, say, a traditional fit Brooks OCBD has never seemed worth it to me: you're likely to spend 30–40 bucks in the end, and your shirt has some wear. If you find a Kiton or Borrelli, go for it—but that's a lot harder to do biggrin.gif
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have you tried Uniqlo USA? dunno if the cuts are any different from your purchased asian versions but for like $25 IMO they're excellent value.
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

^Agreed on the Brooks extra slim...except skip the non-iron, especially if you want to wear these casually too.

Typo. Never ever non-iron.
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Modern Tailors $20 trial shirt could work for you.
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I have many Uniqlo shirts from the Uniqlo USA stores in NYC. They fit great, not too slim. I find Asian cut anything to be way too slim for me. 

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