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How Many Dress Shirts Per Order?

Poll Results: How many dress shirts do you usually buy per order?

  • 23% (6)
  • 19% (5)
  • 26% (7)
  • 3% (1)
  • 26% (7)
    More than 4
26 Total Votes  
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When you buy dress shirts, how many do you usually buy/order at a time? For example, a 2-pack. This can apply to RTW, MTM, and bespoke. And please state why, as in 2-for-1 deals save money.
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4 is probably average. I know what fits me and what stylistic details I like at this point, so I prefer to buy in bulk. The 4 for 100GBP deal for Tyrwhitt occurs pretty often, so I just wait until I want 4 new shirts and buy them more efficiently in bulk. Shipping per shirt is probably a little bit cheaper too, though I haven't confirmed this. Same idea for MTM. I've nailed my pattern and prefer to buy a decent number so I don't have to worry about placing another order for awhile. Many MTM shirtmakers also prefer a minimum of 3-4 shirts as well.

I do ask for a trial shirt the first time I try a MTM shirtmaker, but I'll generally order 4 shirts or so and have the shirtmaker make adjustments after I see the first one.
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I usually order 2 or 3 at a time because buying one is a waste of time and energy, IMO. I just wait until I want a few. That's usually my strategy with most less costly things.

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I use Drinkwater's of Cambridge and twice per year he will have a buy 5 MTM and get the 6th free - so I buy 5 with each order.

I've done this twice now, so my ordering quantity may decline after the next batch of 5 since I have every staple covered and I am getting into patterns now.

I'd almost never buy a one off dress shirt, especially if it's MTM. Waiting a month for just 1 shirt strikes me as extremely silly and unnecessary.
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Results and replies interesting, but they stopped abruptly. More, please.
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I've been getting shirts from Mercer for the past 15 months or so. I have never ordered more than two, and on my last order, placed yesterday, I only ordered one. Why? Because a lot of this is just the fun of having something to look forward to. Also, I like David Mercer. Truth be told, I probably don't really need many dressy shirts, being fairly well fixed in that department already.
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One other thing to keep in mind is that the habits of SF could well be different from the habits of the average guy (understand that this could well be the point of this poll). In my experience, most men hate shopping and try to do things as efficiently as possible. Perfect example is a friend of mine who recently needed pants, walked into Brooks Brothers to figure out his size and promptly bought 6 pairs of their basic Madison cut flat front trousers. I suspect a lot of men would do the same thing with shirts.
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Depends. I likely average out at 2 shirts per order. If I'm playing with things like collars or more "interesting" fabrics, one-off suits me well, as I don't want to be stuck with 5 of the same mistake. I also fluctuate in weight relatively easily, so my pattern requires tweaking often. While I try to avoid ordering when excessively heavy or excessively thin, I generally don't order bulk for that reason.

However, I'd likely never order just one semi-spread sky blue chambray shirt at a time. If I know it's going to be a workhorse I knock it all out in one fowl swoop.
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I have a large enough collection that I just buy whatever I feel like getting at the moment. Can be one or several. I get my shirts from a local shirtmaker so no shipping charges to consider and no real advantage or disadvantage to ordering either just one or multiple shirts.
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I prefer to have a blow-out every 6 months rather than a single new shirt every week.

Normally 8 shirts and 8 ties in one RTW trip. I generally like to buy suits in pairs as well.
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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

If I know it's going to be a workhorse I knock it all out in one fowl swoop.

I thought it was one fell swoop. Now I feel like Iñigo Montoya.
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I like shopping, and I really enjoy my local menswear shop Ansons, so I usually just buy one of anything at a time so that I can go more often and see the rotating selection.
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It is "one fell swoop" coined by Shakespeare and asked by MacDuff.

I believ it refers to the diving movement of a Bird of Prey into a wooded area (a fell) to attack.
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I just order one at a time, but I already have quite a few shirts and don't need many more (I probably don't order more than 2-3 per year). I was ordering 3-4 in each order back when I was still building my wardrobe.

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Originally Posted by becnal View Post

I thought it was one fell swoop. Now I feel like Iñigo Montoya.

facepalm.gif I wrote that after a LONG weekend in Reykjavik. Grammar was the least of my worries at that point.
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