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I'm on a quest and hoping some people here can help...


I'm looking for semi-casual shoes, but my feet are notoriously hard to fit.  Mostly, I'll wear these shoes with jeans; sometimes with khakis.  I really like the AE Neumok (in brown leather), but after trying it on recently I decided that the fit is just not going to work.  So I'd like to find something similar -- or take suggestions on something different -- that will actually fit my feet.


A word on my feet...  I wear a US 14.  The width varies from AA to B, depending on the brand.  Perhaps most importantly, my feet are very low volume.  By this, I mean that the height of my foot from the ground to the top of my foot is somewhat small.  I do have arches, but not huge ones.  And I always use custom orthotics.


So... any suggestions for brands / models that would have a last more in tune with my foot?