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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

So if your dad didn't know about it, that makes the slave labor okay?

what would you have me do troll? punish my father for forgetting to check a tag 18 years ago?

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

stop hating and start contributing...

I already did, the last time we had this discussion here, but fine. Just for you:


Altogether I spend about 2 months out of the year in China, following production and visiting factories, so I can confirm that yes, the Chinese have the skills and resources to produce high quality products. But ultimately it is my responsibility to enforce the standards set forth by my employer. This means approving (and rejecting) materials, correcting patterns (4 or 5 prototypes are typically made before the final product), etc. So whether or not what hits the shelf is a good product depends on how much time and money my employer is willing to put into it. Because any manufacturer, anywhere in the world, is only going to make something once, unless you tell them to make it again. As such, I would suggest to Keagan that he look less at where a product is made, and more at who makes it, such that over time he can build that list of companies he trusts.


As for the ethical argument, Chinese labor laws are actually quite robust. The minimum wage has increased steadily over the last few decades. It isn't a living wage but neither is the US's. They have universal healthcare for urban workers. We don't. China mandates 3 months paid maternity leave. We don't. The gender employment and wage gaps are comparable to ours. Overtime pay is 2x on weekends and 3x on holidays. Here it's as low as 1.5x. They get at least 3 weeks worth of holidays. And the legal working age is 16, same as here.


Have I seen some messed up shit? Yes, but that was the exception, not the rule. And you damn well better believe there's exploitation of every kind happening here in the States.

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teacha.gif  thx Hoodyear.


I love how the mere mention of China brings out the chest thumping artisinal fanbois, as though ethical clothing purchases make an ounce of difference in the grand scheme? If you ever buy non-organic vegetables from overseas, if you ever eat farmed meat, if you drive or fly, if you pay your taxes, if you purchase anything made of paper, then you are, in some way, contributing to the destruction of the planet. That your pants were sewn in a G8 country makes no difference, except in your own mind. End rant.

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I'm closing this thread, since it has taken on a political tone. If you want to argue the politics of labor, there is the Current Events forum. Good luck.


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