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Questing about tailoring jeans

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I've been having an impossible time finding jeans to fit the way I like them. I'm 6'2 and a 32w 34l. My favorite fit for jeans are just like the ones in the link below of david beckham. I like how they fit a bit loosely throughout the leg, and then taper at the ankle. All of Beck's jeans fit just like the ones in the link below, so I'm guessing he definitely gets them all tailored... It's not a very common fit, well it's not for tall people anyway...


My question is, is it possible to get jeans tailored like that? And if so, to increase my odds of achieving that lood with my jeans, what type / sizes should I be going for? 


I absolutely hate skin tight jeans, and yet, I also hate baggy jeans. My ideal pair are literally just like EVERY pair of jeans I see Beck wearing... I love how the jeans are breathable, but the ankles are tapered in... I've just never been able to find this.


Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.


Edit: I wouldn't be opposed to just buying a pair of jeans that already match this fit, if you know any brands that fit like this that would also be welcome information.


Here is another link, towards the middle and bottom of the page are examples...

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i'm not even sure if this guy is for real but i do suggest the boots ryan gosling wears to achieve results faster stirpot.gif
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Do you mean, you are not sure if I'm for real? If so, might I ask why?


I'm sorry if this seems like a silly question. To be more specific I should say, I've only been able to find jeans that are either way too tight throughout, or way too loose. Not to mention, finding a 32/34 is almost impossible inside of a store... and it's very difficult to buy jeans without trying them on, so I usually stay away from jeans online.

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