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Most cotton clothing is GENETICALLY MODIFIED... ****The Official List of GM-Free Cotton Clothing**** - Page 16

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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

CRETIN not Chitin

Maybe that’s how they pronounce it in China?

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No it's definitely cretin.
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Well, your friend must be quite the knowledgeable insider; there is apparently zero information on the internet on this enzyme. More information is always appreciated.

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Updated List:


Flint And Tinder:

Uses Supima for their t-shirts and briefs. Supima is a top quality hybrid (that means cotton plant on cotton plant, not GMO) Made In USA


"We use NO GM cotton in any of our products (Iron Heart)." made with U.S. long staple cotton.

Pure Blue Japan:

"Our cotton is not genetically modified (Pure Blue Japan)."


Uses many high-end ELS cottons

Japan Blue:

Uses many high-end ELS cottons


Maggie’s socks are all Organic cotton and sometimes long staple cotton. Made In USA

Industry of All Nations

100% organic Indian cotton!!! Natural Indigo shirts, hand-loomed denim jeans, etc... And more...

Old Blue Denim:

There Organic Indigo Indian Selvedge Jeans are saving lives

Nudie Jeans:

"All our denim (jeans and denim jackets) are made from organic cotton, as well as all our t-shirts including backbone program which also has underwear. The backbone program is made of fair-trade organic cotton.
Some of our other items such as shirts are also made of organic cotton, but we have not reached 100% yet due to low quality of order and fabric qualities we decided to have. We hope that we will be able all our shirts as well in organic cotton in the future (Nudie Jeans)."

Nudie also sources some of their Organic cotton from India... :

Organic Color Grown Cotton! It gets brighter colors with use! BRIGHTENS, not fades! This is really interesting stuff. :

Organic cotton shirts with gentle dyes and classic nature/farmer graphics. Made in USA :

Organic cotton/hemp shirts and sweatshirts. Made in USA

Hemp: uses less water, doesn’t need herbicides/pesticides, is more durable, and, unless I'm mistaken, is naturally GM-free. :

Sustainable T-shirts... Organic cotton, Hemp, and Bamboo. :

T-shirts/sweatshirts Hemp/Organic cotton Made In USA :

Does many Organics and Pima


N&F told me they don't know about GM cotton in their products and they haven't gotten back with me since then.

However, N&F has an Organic line, Suvin line, Supima line, and an ELS line(soft raw/ heavy soft).

I bet they either use no GM cotton or very little, due the quality of their cotton clothing.


"To our Knowledge, the mills we buy from in Japan, Italy and the US do not use GM cotton (Gustin)."

In other words they don't know... but they do use some organics..

I bet they either use no GM cotton or very little, due the quality of their cotton clothing.


Has an organic line

When asked about Levis policy on GM-cotton, they responded with:

"We sincerely appreciate your interest. Due to the volume of requests for information we receive, we aren’t able to provide detailed answers to specific questions about our company(Levi Strauss & Co)."


"was the first 'Made in Japan' denim company to use Zimbabwe cotton"


Zimbabwean cotton jeans

Skull jeans:

Pima cotton jeans


All organics are GMO-free by definition

Also GM-free types of cotton include most Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cottons:

-Pima Cotton

-Supima Cotton

-Zimbabwean cotton

-Sea Island Cotton

-Egyptian Cotton


-Indian Suvin


-Sudanese Barakat


-Russian Tonkovoloknistyi


and the short fibered color-grown cotton.




Let’s talk GMO cotton:


-BT Cotton (is modified to become a living pesticide---BT)


-Herbicide Tolerant Cotton was originally made by taking living bacteria (a surprising find) from a roundup contaminated waste pond in Louisiana and inserting a gene from this bacteria into a plant. (Just look up 2,4-D and Roundup)


Fun science/history fact: The popular herbicide 2,4-D, that is now used on some “herbicide Resistant” GMOs, was the primary component in the controversial Agent Orange defoliant used in the Vietnam conflict, don’t take my word... just look up “2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid


-Chinese Xinjiang (only currently known long-staple GMO variety of cotton) Trait not yet known and information is not currently available. But there is some speculation and hearsay, see previous posts...

Hear is a resource for Genetically Modified Chinese Xinjiang cotton clothing.


Here are some Genetically Modified Chinese Xinjiang cotton shirts:


Hybrids: put simply, cotton hybridization is a cotton plant on another cotton plant. Hybridization and selective breeding are the best currently known methods to improve quality in cotton. As of yet, genetically modification dose not improve cotton quality or fiber length, It merely results in more toxins; this is why mostly all quality ELS (long staple) cottons are hybrids and not genetically modified. But this may change...

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do you guys prefer agrobacterium tumafasciens transformation using the Ti plasmid for genetically engineering your plants or do you prefer the wilder, more forceful gene-gun method?
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I prefer electroporation for time and cost efficiency.
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good call - fuck that hairy root amirite
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Anyone hear have any luxury jeans? Eh? Where do you get them? who makes them?


Another update.... (also see list above)


has Zimbabwean cotton jeans

Skull jeans:

has Pima cotton jeans


"was the first 'Made in Japan' denim company to use Zimbabwe cotton"


Uses many high-end Long Staple cottons, mostly Zimbabwean

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Here is a short sampling of a GMO-free wardrobe…


Zimbabwean cotton jacket:

Zimbabwean cotton jeans:


Color-grown long staple cotton jeans:


Supima cotton sweatshirt:


Supima cotton tees:


Supima cotton briefs:


Supima cotton socks:


Everything hear is Supima cotton:

jeans, shirts, sweathirts, tees, etc...

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Wait a minute.

You rail against processed cotton, and recommend buying from Zimbabwe? Do you know where that money goes? Maybe you could order Conflict Fries with that?
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Zimbabwean cotton is very high quality stuff and that’s why it is hear… but if you have something to discourage people from buying it by all means share it...

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Dear g-d

You realize GMO products undergo far more extensive testing and regulation then say products created by natural breeding. With GMO you're introducing one or two novel proteins which have to be cross checked against an allergen database, undergo extensive rigorous animal testing, and if found to be similar to an existing protein have to undergo even further testing before it can be considered USDA, EPA, and/or FDA approved. With natural breeding you're introducing thousands of novel mutations hoping one of them gives you the quality of plants you are looking for. There is no regulation for that. The USDA will not be up in your face if you cross breed two plants and try to come up with a better plant even though there are far more chances of the plant producing toxic proteins.

Furthermore you don't eat cotton. Far less chance of coming in contact with anything potentially dangerous.

There's no known or even suspected dangerous GMO organism that has already passed federal approval for human consumption.
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every two or three nights, i have a genetically modified orgasm. should i see a doctor?
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Please refer me to your previous doctor.
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