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Most cotton clothing is GENETICALLY MODIFIED... ****The Official List of GM-Free Cotton Clothing**** - Page 12

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All American pure Supima cotton towels!


Supima Cotton: Super Soft, Longer lasting, GMO-free, USA sourced Pima!

Luxury that lasts longer and is so soft… Next time I buy towels…



Picture from

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I just saw this documentary on BBC about the dangers of GMO cotton


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Iron Heart rules!


“We use the highest quality USA long fibre cotton, we need to twist the fibres less to get a strong thread. This results in a lovely soft touch to the denim (”


They are talking about Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton, sometimes called Pima.


All of the super high quality denim companies use ELS cotton. Pure Blue Japan, Samurai, Flathead…. That’s why they are so comfortable, take dye so well, and last so long.

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Brooks Brothers uses quality ELS cottons. They currently have tons of Supima cotton clothing, as well as other ELS cotton clothing. Extra Long Staple Cotton shirts wrinkle less, last longer, and are more comfortable.


I was glad to see that brooks brothers also has a line of pure Supima cotton jeans that are made in USA. It seems that Brooks Brothers has just about everything in Supima or ELS cotton. There Supima collection is huge!

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BT cotton (80% of GM cotton) is modified to become a harmful pesticide.


Herbicide resistant cotton (20% of GM cotton) is modified to be sprayed with Roundup, 24D, or similar extremely toxic and deadly defoliants.


Percentages are an approximant percent of traits within GM varieties.


Look this up! Do some searching on your own, look up what is happening to India. Blame the farmers? Or are Indian cotton farmers being taken advantage of resulting in there suicide? Does GMO cotton increase crop yields or is it slick advertizing? Is roundup safer than table salt or is it as dangerous as Agent Orange? Should seed be patentable or should seed be part of the natural commons? Look at both sides, be non-biased. Form your own opinions. Research these topics!


Or disregard the whole issue and simply enjoy quality and treat yourself to quality cotton products!

This thread is just full of quality cotton resources and knowledge!

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Blue in Green is an excellent resource for quality cotton clothing. Not exactly bargain basement prices, but you get what you pay for…


Fun fact: ELS cotton is known for holding onto dyes longer, meaning that you get higher contrast fades in blue jeans made of ELS cotton.

The personal jeans of Giles: Sales Rep, social media contact, “model”, and repairer of jeans at Iron Heart.



Picture from

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Yes, American manufacturing!

Here is a really interesting new Kickstart business, called PuraKai Clothing, which is currently being crowd funded. PuraKai Clothing uses cotton that is soft, quality, and traditionally grown (free from poison). Kickstart operates off a wonderful business model that is based on efficiency and bringing American manufacturing back!



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Today I’ve harvested a fresh crop of interesting quotes and fun facts for your reading pleasure…



Fact #1: All Pre-1997 cotton defiantly not GMO…


Though it has only been 90% of cotton production as of the past couple of years.


Quote: “Now cotton is a crop at the forefront of the revolution in biotechnology, being the second genetically modified (GM) crop to be introduced in broad acre agriculture after soybeans in 1997 (”







I’ve basically already said this, but now I have a quote..


Quote: “None of the pima cotton varieties have been genetically modified…. Pima cotton is a generic name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton (”

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This has thread has the feel of an enviro-savior using the forum as an outlet to spout personal ideals..

Despite this, I find the subject pretty interesting and actually worth researching-out of pure curiosity.

4characters, I think you'd have a better reception and feedback if you didn't simply talk TO us, but instead engaged the people in discussion. Ever been approached by a street vendor hocking jewelery? Instant recoil is my response, and walk the hell away. I'd rethink the approach.
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Quality cotton is not GMO…


Here’s why:

Quality cotton is achieved by selective breeding and hybridization. This is done by breeding cotton plants with other cotton plants. This is an entirely natural thing for a cotton plant to do; it’s good breeding and proper blending of desirable cotton traits sutch as long staple length, softness, high yield, etc... Just look up Indian Suvin cotton, American Pima, or Foxfibre.


On the other hand, the advantages of genetically modifying cotton are the cotton can be injected (via gene gun) with contaminated Louisiana swamp muck (not joking) or with a pesticide that turns the entire plant into a living pesticide. Those are the two kinds of GMO cotton: Herbicide resistant cotton and BT cotton. Most importantly none of these traits benefit the consumer.



I’m trying my best to understand the different cotton varieties… if anyone knows more about the different cotton varieties, please post what you

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N&F is coming out with some new 19oz long staple cotton jeans… just found this from over at the N&F thread.


Quote from Jay-D the Blue Owl Affiliate Vendor:

“Heavy Soft Selvedge. A nice, heavy, 19oz denim that is very soft and comfortable on the inside. However, don't let "soft" fool you, the fabric is still very stiff! This heavy fabric will fade incredibly, and will most likely be our most popular of the coming collection. Skinny Guy, Weird Guy, and Slim Guy.”


Pictures also from Jay-D

and bellow is a picture on the soft raw jeans tag (an earlier, yet similar model)


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N&F uses quite a bit of long staple cotton it seems…

Long staple models:

Soft finish selvedge

Supima stretch selvedge

ELS Suvin selvedge

Soft raw selvedge

Heavy soft selvedge


They also do some nice organic natural indigo models that fade really well, but the Long staple ones should be softer, more durable, and should still fade really well(due to their extreme dye holding capabilities).

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The fuck? A one man thread -- amazing.

OP is ignorant
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OP, please provide your brief thoughts on the following topics:

1) vintage bicycles
2) raw diets
3) vaccinations
4) 9/11: who did it
5) secret microchips implanted by the government
6) area 51
7) the moon landing
8) the existence of AIDS
9) homeopathic medicine
10) the government hiding the cure for cancer from us

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