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Most cotton clothing is GENETICALLY MODIFIED... ****The Official List of GM-Free Cotton Clothing**** - Page 8

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this is moronic. quality & sustainable clothing has nothing to do with non-GMO cotton.
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4characters what's your opinion on Norman Borlaug?
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Please stop spamming, this thread is a resorce for natural clothing, not for name calling, insulting, or asking unrelated questions...


as I just found the high quality cottons are ELS cottons.... ELS cottons arn't modifyed, so top quality cotton is not modifyed...

also some people care about this issue, If you don't thats fine, not understanding why people care about this is realy not a reason to be rude...


Thank you for visiting this thread, I wish all who read this the very best.

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I just contacted Lee 101 euorpe... I'm seeing if they use the prefered ELS cotton like Iron Heart and PBJ does, or if they use Upland cotton like Levis Signiture line for Wallmart does...

If they do use ELS cotton, my 101z jeans will last up to 40% longer than the Upland counterparts.




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This thread is a freak show.
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Thank you very much for caring enough to follow my thread!


you have helped me reach 1692 views in just over a week, I wish you the very best, keep checking my thread.

More to come...

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If we choose to shave, a straight razor is an exellent investment for men and women. straight razors use less metal for shaving and makes for a cleaner shave. also straight razors are more exact and less clumsy. for a person with a steady of hand it' a win/win situation.

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can a thread be blocked on my homepage? this shit is out of control. I'm picturing a 13 year old in front of a computer posting random pages from a Stumble Upon profile set on "fashion"
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Peacoats are wonderfull and can last a lifetime! Peacoats are pretty sustainable, they are made of basic materials and last a realy long time.

Peacoats are the kind of thing that are just a standad. A good peacoat can be aproperte in allmost any circumstance.


I was lucky enough to inherit a realy nice old navy peacoat from my father. I think it is 40's-60's... It's realy soft nice quality wool. I'm not exactly sure it's age... any tips to find it's age would be helpful. anyway, hear it is:


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At one point a balance was reached in regard to clothing: rebuildable leather boots, thick durable wool coats, raw denim, natural dyes, and fine cotton clothes. Clothing was nice enough to repair and treasure, that idea resonates well with me. I just love basic traditional craftsmanship, clothing that endures the test of time. I feel that tradition is sustainability. Much of this stuff is still out there; it just takes a bit of searching. That is what I have done with this thread.



I’m a bit of a natural fiber enthusiast; In-fact I plan, as a summer goal, to beat the world record for the heaviest weight hand-woven jeans. I just can’t wait to make it down to the local roving supplier and buy some pima cotton and start spinning. This is also something I plan to post on this thread and just go through the processes. I feel this thread isen't realy about avoiding things, it's about having lots of fun!

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Please stop spamming,


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It took me forever, but I finally found it! Color grown cotton clothing! Color grown cotton is realy interesting because it dosen't fade like regular dyed cotton, it gets brighter and more vibrant with use and PH level.



And hear is some information on color developing:


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OP, please provide your brief thoughts on the following topics:

1) vintage bicycles
2) raw diets
3) vaccinations
4) 9/11: who did it
5) secret microchips implanted by the government
6) area 51
7) the moon landing
8) the existence of AIDS
9) homeopathic medicine
10) the government hiding the cure for cancer from us
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For T's and hoodies 

Not only do they use organic cotton, it's also blended with hemp so a lot less water is required per garment 
I don't know much about GM cotton, but I'm a big fan of hemp. I have shorts made of it from Patagonia and t-shirts from Onno (slubby) and Emperor Threads (silky soft). Would love some jeans and a summer sport coat made of hemp.
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C&A uses bio cotton

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