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Hey guys, With NYE celebrations over (over here, at least), I'm confronted once again with the most annoying party novelty ever: Glitter. For those that don't know, it's this aerosol stuff that sprays out hundreds of tiny flecks of glitter, and, I, inevitably, get sprayed whenever it makes an appearance. The problems with it are legion: It sticks to everything; it won't shake out; it's annoyingly visible when you go out in public, but oddly invisible when you're trying to get rid of it. If you don't remove every speck from your clothing, it tends to spread to everything else in your closet. It's like a shimmery plague... Anyone know what I'm talking about, and how to get rid of it? On NYE, I wore an old black poly/viscose sportcoat so as not to have any good clothes ruined by the rain, and now it's covered. For the record, steaming doesn't work, adhesive tape doesn't work, a good shake doesn't work, wet sponges and washcloths don't work. My only other, time-consuming options are brushing and picking each fleck off by hand. Does anyone have some kind of handy tip or miracle solution? Thanks, Nick.
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I am interested in a miracle solution as well. Wore a brand-new dark navy wool suit to a wedding and came back all glittery after dancing with the ladies.

P.S. Continuing an existing thread instead of duplicating it
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Shop vac?
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Is that something you've confirmed to work or would you like me to test it on my suit and report back?
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You must kill it. Kill it with fire...
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Were it me, I'd sit on a chair with the garment held flat on my knees and vacuum. I would use the brush attachment (clean it first ofcourse) I have done this on my top coats and tweeds but never yet had a need to try it on finer fabrics. The brush attachment should be alright though. Just make sure you hold it flat so the vaccuum cannot suck your garment altogether. Perform a test first on something you don't care about, to get the hang of it. Be fearless. Just think of that suit as an old rag you no longer care about.
Ofcourse do it at your own risk and take before and after photos.
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dry cleaner?
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