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Running shoes for flat, wide feet?

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Anyone have some good recommendations? 


I have a killer overpronated step.

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New Balance. It has special lasts and (in case orthotics make sense) removable insoles.
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You might want to try some orthotics before you experiments with the different types of shoes. Or try the Brooks Beast and goes down from there.
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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

Anyone have some good recommendations? 

I have a killer overpronated step.

Orthotics and special shoes that tailor to overpronation are simply a bandaid. They may alleviate the problem but it will not fix things and will definitely cause bigger problems down the road. Flat feet are correctable. Unfortunately when we are all far too young we start constantly wearing shoes, often big cushy ones with a large heel to toe differential. We don't notice toddlers and kids heel striking when they run until about 4-5 because that's when we constantly slap shoes on them.

You can slowly do some simple stuff to rebuild your feet. I would go to and search "rebuilding the feet" simple exercises like jumping, walking around in flatter shoes and slowly increasing distance (and eventually running) and essentially stop heel kicking will build more of an arch in the foot. If you have flat feet you most likely also have a drop in your navicular bone. That means when you stand, your feet collapse inward. And this happens with every single step, thousands upon thousands a day. It almost always creates more problems up the kinetic chain like tight Achilles/calves, knee problems, etc.

NFL recruiters will check for the flat feet and if a candidate has it, they get bumped down the list big time because the chance of ACL tear is far larger than an athlete without it.

Hope that helped explain why it's better to fix the problem permanently n
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I would say new balance or under armor. If I am not mistaken one of the two has like a recommendation of which shoe you should get considering if your wide feet or narrow and the way you run and your arches etc. Personally I have never tried any of them, but seen them whenever I go to a sneaker store and looks good. My preference would be the nike rosche runs and I have pretty wide feet.

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My feet are wide at the toes. I use the New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail (Vibram sole) and find them to be very good. I could use something other than orange though...


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New Balance shoes have worked decently well for my extra wide feet too. None of the large shoes feel all that great I've found but NB seems to make the best of the wide shoes available.

It's different, but can attest it works - I've found grounding to help greatly with sore feet. I've been doing that for the last few month. Also I watched this new documentary this morning with mention on the benefits others have found with grounding and running/ exercising.

"Documentary: Grounded"
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