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Camiceria Olga Milan

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Now, I have seen 2 good reviews about this place.
Apparently you can have a MTM shirt with good quality for fabric €83(£71) : Royal Oxford 100% cotton - Two ply with MOP buttons and own detail choices (minimum order of 2. However, new(web) clients can purchase single shirt their first order to test).
The reason they can do it so cheap is because they buy last run fabrics from luxury mills.
The best fabrics are €75, the cheapest €55.

Has anyone ever got a MTM for them.
Is this one of the best kept secrets, or too good to be true?
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Well don't forget €20 shipping fee within Europe. It's a good deal nevertheless, and seems too good to be true like you said. It's hard to find reviews as well which questions their liability. So sorry I can't test it out soon since I want to tone up my figures before I refurbish my wardrobe. If you want to try however, please post your review I'll be looking for it :)

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Not all of the reviews are so grand in case you are still looking into it.
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i ve been there and got 3 tailor- made shirt....very good quality...the owner it sabsolutely serious..both quality 55,00 or 75,00  e are feel free to buy it,

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Originally Posted by Carlo 75 View Post

i ve been there and got 3 tailor- made shirt....very good quality...the owner it sabsolutely serious..both quality 55,00 or 75,00  e are feel free to buy it,


Do they do a camicie di prova or a trial shirt in a muslin?

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I have five of their shirts and have found them to be of good quality and long-lasting. Very good value for money!!
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Ciao, my name is Ciro, I am the owner of Camiceria Olga. I was browsing on the net and found that you are talking about my place... thank you for your interest.


Just a couple of points for you:


The reason why my prices are highly competitive are due to the high volumes of shirts I produce. So I don't have very good unit margins, but I have very high production volumes. I don't buy last run productions, because I want my range to be as much "continuative" as possible (moreover last run fabrics are always strange in colurs and patterns, it is hard to find the classic fabrics as last run batches)

- 55 euro fabrics are all imported fabrics, very basic, but they do the job. For 50 years we have been selling only them

- 75 euro fabrics are all high quality two ply fabrics form Thomas Mason, Albiate, Alfatex, Canclini etc..


As regards negative reviews what can I say.... having such big volumes sometimes we do mistakes, but generally are always keen to fix them. We are lucky to have many clients and I accept that not all can be satisfied. Consider that generally unhappy clients write more reviews than happy. Consider also that made-to-measure is a difficult job as there is no absolute right or wrong, and each client has his own expectations. Moreover having such low prices I have a very varied customer base often ignoring what a good made to mesasure garment should be (some think it should be a second skin on their body which is not exactly the case).



Feel free to write me if you have ant question





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Dear all,


I have ordered many shirts from Camiceria Olga and I must admit that I am impressed, both by their value for money, but also for their quality. The attention to detail is second to none and the owner Ciro is very happy to help with any queries or refinements of the measurements. For example, recently I wanted the left cuff of my casual shirts to be a 1/4" wider than my right one in order to accomodate my watch. 


Overall, when compared to other shirtmakers such as Ede and Ravenscroftr, I found that Camiceria Olga provide better value for money for similar quality.


Kristian Zarb Adami

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