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Looking for a DB suit

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Hey gentlemen, I am itching for a Double breasted suit even more so now after watching The Great Gatsby.

Can you guys recommend me some good brands i can find for cheap on ebay? I am a 38s with a 31 inch waist.

I am mostly looking for a dark navy or gray suit.

Any help is appreciated. laugh.gif
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Define cheap.

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As Claghorn said, define "cheap." Second, keep in mind that excellent fit is far more important for DB jackets than SB jackets and it can be hard to precisely determine fit when buying online unless you've tried something on in the store first. Fit is always important of course, but I find DB jackets make any fit issues that much more obvious so you have less margin for error.
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If you can only afford second hand, don't bother. You will not get a satisfactory fit.
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Well Brooks Brothers makes a Milano fit one but you'll seldom see it on Ebay.

However, you will eventually find a deep discount during one of their big sales. Just depends on your budget as others said.

Offhand I don't really know of another "cheap" option. You don't see the larger and cheaper retail stores usually carrying a DB suit or jacket.
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Try the suitsupply Soho model if you're looking for a cheap DB suit. They're well worth their price

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