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Brown/black contrasting dress shoe

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Hey guys just asking for some opinions on wearing a pair of black shoes with some brown contrasts for an internship at an investment bank that is business casual. Do you think they'll be acceptable or should I just find a pair that's just pure black?

They look like this:

I know that Aldo isn't the best quality but I heard that their Mr.B line is a bit better.

Thanks in advance.
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I'd stay away. They look like brown dress shoes with black rubber overshoes on them. I don't think any Aldo line is considered good
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No. They're ugly and will draw attention to you in a way you don't want. Stick with more conservative choices (solid black or dark brown) and focus on doing solid work. If you're working at an investment bank, get some better shoes. Allen Edmonds / Alden / Crockett & Jones (in order of increasing price) are all of very good quality. Even Loake and some Johnston and Murphy shoes would be better if you don't want to spend as much, provided you shine them and take good care of them.
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No one will really care - since you're an intern.

But you should care.
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I've seen these in person, they're bulky. Would not wear them with anything other than jeans, if at all. Definitely not with trousers at a bank. Mr. B's quality is okay if you get them on sale under $80
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Alright thanks guys. I'm definitely going to pick up a pair of Allen Edmonds when I head down to the States for the internship but the problem is that I'm currently in Canada so I just need a cheap pair of shoes to last me for a while until I can buy a better pair (since Allen Edmonds in Canada is $350+).

On a related note are there any inexpensive brands you recommend that will last me for a couple of weeks until I upgrade my shoes?
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I'm going to Harry Rosen's outlet in Missisauga in the next few days -- if you're in Toronto/GTA I can let you know what they have for black dress shoes.
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Bu a pair of Florsheim Kenmoors in black to hold you until you are in the US. Then buy sometihng nicer. Once in the US, you'll have access to the Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank. It will be less expensive too. Best of luck on your journey.
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