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Zombie Books

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I've had the last three weeks off, and for some reason I've spent much of that time reading books about zombies.

World War Z by Max Brooks

Probably the most widely known recent zombie book. Despite its popularity, it's surprisingly good. Keeps to the classic Romero zombie mold (slow moving, only become infected when bit) and covers the entirety of a zombie uprising. Well researched, and answers lots of classic zombie what if scenarios, ie: what would happen if you were on a nuclear submarine? on a space station?

Biggest flaw is probably the time it takes for the world to succumb. In the book, it takes several months for everything to come to a head - I think a hypothetical zombie virus would spread extraordinarily quickly.

The Newsflesh Triology by Mira Grant

I love all of these books. They're set 20 years after a zombie outbreak, and deal with the post-zombie world through the eyes of bloggers. In this world, zombies arose out of a combination of two beneficial viruses (one that cured cancer, one that cured the common cold), and Walking Dead-style, anyone who dies, for whatever reason, resurrects. The virus can also be spread through blood and fluid, and virology and fear are big parts of the books. Really cool.

Zone One by Colson Whitehead

By far the best written zombie book - Colson Whitehead is a legitimate author and not a fan fiction writer. Zone One follows the classic Romero zombie, and is about a character helping clear a portion of Manhattan for reoccupation in the years following a zombie uprising. Really well done.

As The World Dies Triology by Rhiannon Frater

I'm not going to bother to find cover shots for these - they're awful. Poorly written and illogical. About two women who find shelter in a fortified town in Texas. Implausible and tries to explain zombies away at the last minute as some sort of product of a ghost war? Or some shit like that. Stupid.

Day by Day Armageddon by J. L. Bourne

Diary-style novel about a zombie uprising from the perspective of a naval aviator. Kind of neat, quick read. There's two sequels but they're really shitty. At times reads like a Tea Party fanfiction ("Oh ho look at those anti-gun Democratics now!").
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I loved Zone One and World War Z. I'll have to check the trilogy. If you like the style of Z, check Robocalypse- it's written like Z but with robots and is being developed into a movie by S. Spielberg.
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Will check it out.

Yea, the Newsflesh books are pretty awesome.
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