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Oxxford gibbons model

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I recently tried on an Oxxford Gibbons model, which seemed to me a 180* difference from the Manhattan, which I really despise. I was wondering whether anyone has ever tried on or has this model, because I'd love to have it replicated from Chan. (I would have bought the suit -- it was $750 -- but I really just don't like unlined pants for some reason -- am I crazy?). If you do know anything about this cut, what are your thoughts, as I'd like a second opinion.
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I am a very big fan of the Gibbons. In fact, I was sad that I ever tried it on, as I used to just pass by the Oxxford suits because never liked them before. That was of course before I first tried on the Gibbons. If you like the Gibbons, you will probably like the Oxxford Crest Line as well. And of course you can't beat Oxxford quality. As for the unlined pants, personal preferences are the hardest to overcome sometimes.
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Does anyone know if the current 2 button Gibbons with high notch (gorge?) and 32" jacket hem (for a 46R) would flatter a guy with my build?

Strong shoulders and chest but a bit of gut and wide hips, also short legs - 30" inseam. I am more long in the torso and usually prefer pleated pants on my natural waist to balance things out.

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I really just don't like unlined pants for some reason -- am I crazy?
Not at all; I pretty much need a lining or else I'll stretch the knees.
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Funny to read the old thread -- I'm fine with unlined pants now, but prefer lined ones. Also, a bit of expert tailoring and the Manhattan can look great on a thinner guy, though I still wish Oxxford cut their Court model pants a bit slimmer.

As for the Gibbons, I think it is a flattering cut. The button stance is a little higher, a little longer line through the torso, and slighly wider shoulders (but lightly padded, at most, with no roping).

Are you going MTM or OTR? If the former, you might also want to check out the new Radcliffe model, which I think is more elegantly modern than the Gibbons.
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I'm doing OTR
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