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Count me in.

Alan - that was well covered in the original post.
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Alan, you've got about 48 hours to pay off that purchase if you want to qualify.


Jacket and TM79, I've added you to the roster.

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I'm in.

I have a few minor adjustments that I want to make to some current wardrobe items, and hopefully this will give me the impetus to do them myself.
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Good luck Everyone - im gonna stop looking at the B&S and reframe from going to ebay. i hope this thread provides everyone with a source of encouragement and support.
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I know it's late, but I'm in for this month.
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I'm in.
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I'm in. 


This hasn't even started and I'm already tempted. Yesterday I saw a Borrelli SC that was amazing and a Zegna suit that have a good price. But I resisted cause I knew I was going to sign up for this. 

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Yeah sorry for joining late. This one will be easy for me since I overindulged in May and have things coming in this month so I'll be able to play with new toys.

1x sports coat , 6x socks, 3x pants, 5x shirts 2x pocket squares and 2x ties.

If I'm obligated on a pre order I started in may to pay, does that count?
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Did I sign up in time? Doing it either way.

Refraining from a Kent Wang blue (not navy) blazer which sucks since it'll be two months before I get it.

Refrained from some pants from a member that doesn't want them, NWT.

I did however receive pants from epaulet and sent them back as an exchange.. is that breaking the rules? Looks like its a grey area.
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Refrained from buying anything on sale at Mr. Porter and refrained from a B&S impulse buy.

I didn't go crazy last month but I've created a budget where I can save up about $1000 per month if I don't buy stupid stuff so my plan is to be good all summer and then crush the end of summer sale.
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I'm in too - hope I made the cut. Didn't even buy anything in the grace period!
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Hectic few days. Alright, here is the final roster. There are some late additions, but since I was late in posting the roster, they get full status


Members in Full Standing










Ian Erickson












Members on Probation



Use of the $100 dollar emergency fund is allowed with the approval of myself, ManOfLint, or ChetBakerSings. Posting pictures helps your cause (I think everyone who posted pictures last month was granted use of their emergency fund; the best was when one of our member's pants kept falling off).


If you'd like, post pictures of stuff that you think you want and the rest of the club weighs in on whether it's a worthwhile purchase. At the end of the month, if you still want it, go for it. I think I posted maybe 400 dollars worth of temptations last month. I ended up treating myself to a tie on B&S (50 bucks for a KW) and commissioned two oxford cloth shirts), the total of everything coming in south of 200 dollars. I narrowly avoided getting a club collar thanks to NPC.

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Sorely tempted already... Oh god I had given up on finding this piece but a new one just popped up on B&S... Wikipedia may have a 400 donation coming its way soon.
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What makes this so irreplaceable?

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Ah crap, Aquascutum raincoat. I've been eyeing one of these for years and now I might be able to snag one for less than $200...
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