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My temptation. I really don't need more navy ties and I've quite a few navy Hobers.


Gonna pass



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CHECK IN! 4 DAYS LEFT! REPORT YOUR TRESPASSES. Drop your trou. Turn your head and cough. etc etc etc


Members in Full Standing









Ian Erickson*












Members on Probation




* Broke and atoned



Ian, Chet, you make your donations yet? As long as you get them done by the end of the month.

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Was seriously tempeted by some SC's Spoo posted for next week auctions, but they won't fit, so I'm still clean. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by MZhammer View Post

I did however fail in other regards... too good to pass up.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Looks like some charity is getting $15. I'll keep you all updated

I have made WikiMedia (very) slightly more funded. $15 at Goodwill on sweaters = $15 to WikiMedia

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No trespasses as of yet, unless replenishing my shaving cream counts as a trespass. Temptations out the wazoo, but none acted upon as of yet.

Unrelated, but I haven't opened Spoo's LuxeSwap thread since late May.
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I've been looking at way too many sales and sites but have resisted temptation. I've sent some PM's to people but they'd be July purchases if I pull the trigger.

I'm in good shape to close out the month without falling off the wagon and my wallet is probably happier for it even though I'm certainly not.
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I've been good thus far. I may re-enter in July / August too. Really helps one be disciplined in planning how to expand one's wardrobe.
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If I would have made it until now, which I didn't, I would have failed right here.

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still clean, but can't wait for june to be over. need to pick up a few schneider knits bounce2.gif

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You don't have to wait until the end of June folks. June 28-July 2 is a grace period.

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Does registration open again after the 28th?

I'd like to pre-register...
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Originally Posted by thegreatgatsby View Post

Does registration open again after the 28th?

I'd like to pre-register...

Yeah, I'll start the July thread in the next few days, and registration will be open until July 3

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I failed. I bought a Kamakura tuxedo shirt. Price tag: $180

Judge Clag: can this offense please be expunged from my record?

Facts of the case: The purchase was for a good cause. I will be a groomsman in my friend's wedding in September and require a full tux set. I used to half-ass my tuxedo getup with a white shirt meant for a suit (barrel cuffs, non pleated etc).

Mitigating Circumstance: I needed to get my wedding attire ready ahead of the wedding. I didn't want to be a last minute guy. Didn't want t be scrambling for a tux shirt in July. Please consider this. I ask for leniency!
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Also, I present you with this creation
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Where did you get a picture of Mamma Claghorn?!


As far as the case, I'm not clear why this couldn't have waited the four days until the grace period? I appreciate your honesty, but you've got an uphill battle to make your case at this point. It's not an impulse buy, but nor was there an immediate need (as far as I can tell), so though it's not a grievous violation, it is still a violation.


Just notice you shopped a tie in there. I actually have a tie quite similar to that. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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