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All About Suitsupply


Suitsupply is a European company that’s recently made strides in the American market. They’re a great source for low-priced, half-canvassed suits, with both work appropriate basics and everything you need for the peacocking thread. They’re slim fit, to boot.


All About Rancourt


Rancourt is one of a small number of Made in America (really, Made in Maine) moccasin brands. They’re notable for their low prices (comparatively!) and their easy to use website, with great flexibility for made to order options. They’ve started using shell cordovan in their models, and have been branching out into non-moccasin footwear, include Blake stitched boots and loafers. 


B&S Finds


Our Legacy Desert Boots, 42 



Sid Mashburn Double Monks, 8.5