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Hey guys,


I have a question about one of my favourite shoes which I bought some days ago....

It's the Radii Noble VLC in orange/gray....I first was very impressed by this shoe and I actually bought them because I loved the colors and the design...


But when they were delivered, I noticed they didn't have those holes where you can put the shoelace through - instead they have this things (don't know the english word for it blush.gif):


The problem with this thing is they rip off very fast if you try to tie your shoes...the first time I tryed that the first "thing" ripped off and it wasn't the only one :(

So I'm searching for an alternative for this great shoe....if possible in the same colors and size (High Top Sneaker) but a bit more qualitative because I don't want to pay 100€ for a shoe

which breaks after five times wearing them.





(and sorry for this AWESOME english ;)