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Grey suit combo (for wedding) - Help required

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I'm preparing myself for a wedding and need some advice with my suit choice. 

Can you give me your thoughts on whether I should wear this combination and some alternatives? 


Thank you very much!


* Light grey suit with white double cuff oxford shirt and red tie and handkerchief.





* Shoes 




* or should I get these shoes?



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Matching tie and pocket square no, red shoes no unless you are going as a clown to entertain those forgathered.
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is it a "pimp and ho" theme wedding?  if not, then don't wear the red shoes.  Your square and tie should not be a matching set either, though this is less horrible then the shoes.  

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Not a fan of either shoe and get a diff pocket square.  

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Pocket square - white linen

Tie- one of these

Black shoes

This will provide a classic look. Weddings are not a good time for guys to be expressive with accessories and bright ties, socks, pocket squares, etc. You will regret it when you look at photos a year or more down the road. Keep those things for New Years Eve and Holiday parties.

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If you don't care for the traditional wedding tie then a conservatively patterned navy tie maybe pindot would work.
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Hi again, 


Thanks for all the replies, I don't know what was on my mind to wear this combo. 


I have found a tie, maybe you give your thoughts on it:



and for my shoes, I got a pair of these, are they appropriate?



and this hanky:


For belt, I found this one:




I am grateful that you were able to help me. Many Thanks!

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For a normal wedding, the texture of the shoes is not appropriate and neither is the slide buckle on the belt. The pocket square ("hanky" is fine.
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Where is the wedding - both city, and type of venue?
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The wedding starts at the church, then restaurant. 


What shoes should I wear if what I have is not right? Thanks!


What about the tie, is it a good combo with the grey suit?



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Something like the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, probably in black (dark brown or burgundy could work, but black likely would make the shoes more reusable). Budget and location might lead to a different brand and slightly different styling.

The red tie is compatible with that or just about any other suit.
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The suit is just fine.  Either tie works.  White pocket square is definitely better.  I agree, the belt might be a little much - fits better with a smart casual/business casual look with no tie.  Save it for that.  I think the shoes are fine, if you are a guest and not in the wedding party, but they are less formal.  If you think the bride and groom would prefer more formality, get a polished shoe.  Black or brown would be fine (again I'm assuming you're a guest).  If you wear the red skinny tie, I personally like a Prince Albert knot, but a four-in-hand works just as well.

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What about the grey-black tie and watch combo?
Are they a good match with the suit and black shoes?

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Yes certainly.  Very classic.  Maybe a bit sedate, but definitely stylish.  There's nothing wrong with being sedate at someone else's wedding - in fact, it's even quite polite.  That said, a red tie is by no means an attention grab.  It's just a red tie.  The red shoes, on the other hand...  :P

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Thank you for the advice. Very much appreciated.
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