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The Dessert Conundrum?


Do you prefer pie or cake? Are you a refined, intellectual and astute cake eater, or a gutter dwelling, monstrous pie consumer? This poll settles the (unnecessary) debate once and for all. 


French Tailoring


I featured this thread a few weeks ago, but I want to highlight it again because it’s an excellent example of everything best about StyleForum. It’s an educated, well-written exploration (with a ton of pictures, to boot) into a little known but fascinating school of tailoring that has received little place on SF thus far. There’s nothing about purchasing as many suits as possible, and no nitpicking about imagined shoulder line defects – it’s simply a group of educated consumers providing information and insight into bespoke French tailoring. 


B&S Finds


Berluti Suede Wholecuts, 10



NWT John Smedley V-Neck, L