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Ludlow Suit in Charcoal: Any alteration suggestions?

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Hi everyone!


Brand new to the forum, nice to meet you all. I've been lurking for a while, and seeing just how amazing this community is and the taste, passion and discernment given by all members.


I just bought a Ludlow suit (with Classic Fit pants) in an Vitale Barberis Canonico Nailhead Worsted Charcoal wool for my wedding this fall and thought I'd ask for your expert opinions about alterations I should make.


Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.






Here is the suit (sorry no shoes in the house Asian rule haha):




Have a great day everyone!

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A possible reason for the lack of replies is not using the existing Ask a Tailor thread.

Anyway, the jacket is slight too short and probably too tight in the seat. Not easy tailoring fixes, but perhaps fitness changes would remedy that. Otherwise, the suit looks good.
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Jacket far too short - can't be fixed. Trousers do not look right for length although without shoes it is quite impossible to tell. That may also affect the overall look and fit of the coat - though not its length which is beyond work.
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Good news is that there is nothing really bad. A few things could be better with the jacket (some pinching of fabric at the shoulders, jacket a tad too short). Trousers seem to be too tight around your butt - here I would see a tailor and ask that he lets out the seat and gets rid of the fabric bunching - this might not be 100% fixable, but it certainly can be improved.
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Don't have anything to add re the suit, and hate to pile on, but let me comment on two other things:


1. The shirt -- I'd just go with a plain, classic, spread collar shirt--about the same spread as you have, but with straight points, not what appear to be somewhat rounded points.


2. The tie --  I'd recommend using a plain four-in-hand knot on your tie--the smaller knot will fit more cleanly up in the "v" of your collar, and be more in proportion with it.

And one final thing, congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You'll look great in the suit!

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It's not terrible, but along with the previously mentioned issues, the lapels are too slim for your seemingly full-figured build. You should also try pulling the pants up a bit in the back to clean up those wrinkles.

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If you are able I would return the suit and buy something classic, it will enhance your look and last for a long time. The proportions on this are wrong and the cut will look dated next year. Try Hickey or BB. A good hickey suit fitted correctly on your frame would surprise you. Hickey main line runs $1495.00 which is substantially more the a Ludlow but if you look around you could do it for $500-700.

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I don't think that the "cut will look dated next year." People say that every year, and it's rarely true. The fit issues and small lapels are problems now, and they'll be problems of the same magnitude next less.

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I think my point is made in the fact that the Ludlow already is dated. This is not an example of classic menswear.

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Try on the slim suit pants to see if it fit better than the classic suit pants.
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Thanks everyone for the great feedback! @bellyhungry - this is a final sale--so unfortunately I can't exchange--but I will try and pull the pants up like VinnyMac suggested.


As for it being dated...yeah, I don't know. I love the slim lapels and cut--though I'll probably need to lose a few pounds to make this work! Thanks everyone--it made me reconsider this for my wedding...I might just use this as a regular suit. I'm getting a Black Lape suit coming tomorrow--so if that works out, I'll just wear that instead! Will post photos for that as well.




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Why does J.Crew think this cut looks good? It appears as though the OP has a curved back and no pecs, disproportionately wide hips and a low center of gravity.
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