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I received a pair of black Scafora balmorals from the blake and rapid line yesterday from Ian. My very preliminary observations:

Last: The last is more elegant than shown in the pictures; rounded toes but fairly elongated sole and well defined shape. I've been wearing AEs and I think this last is more defined and elegant - yet would be totally fine in even a very conservative setting (I wore than to my law office workplace today). Also, the sole doesn't extend too far out from the upper which is a pet peeve of mine and this contributes to the elegance I mentioned.

Sizing: same as AE for me. It runs narrow but I'm find in it even though I wear D in AE.
If you wear wide it could be an issue.

Leather: I'm not an expert in leather, at all. But my early impression is that the leather is at least equal to my AEs and possibly a little nicer. It feels substantial and has a natural look, feel, and shine, and doesn't crease easily. I've never handled "elite" RTW shoes like Lobbs or EGs so it's not possible for me to compare (but I have handled Tramezzas and they seem about on par).

Construction: obviously the benefits of Goodyear construction do not show initially but rather over time, so I have no real opinion here. They are comfortable, for what that is worth, and do seem well made to me.

Overall: at about $250 from Ian, it's hard to find a better shoe at this price point. In my own mind, there's no way Tramezzas are worth twice the price - but that will largely come down to ones ideology on welting, and for some Goodyear is a deal breaker.
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These are after 3-4 wearings.  Forgive the very dirty carpet background :)


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