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Shopping in Calgary, AB?

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Can any Calgary residents (or others familiar with the city) speak to any shops worth checking out there? How about awesome food spots? I'm going to be there for a conference for the first time in over 5 years, so I'd like to see what's good!
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CrossIron Mills - outlet mall outside the city limits.
Chinook Center - newly renovated with many new shops.
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I have tons of family in Calgary, but haven't been there in a couple of years. It's not the fashion capital of Canada...

From what I remember, Leo Boutique is one of the boutiques that I remember. The usual - Wings+Horns, Creep, Our Legacy, and then for a Canadian twist, Veillance, United Stock Dry Goods, and so on. Sorta "downtown basics".

Gravitypope also has an store in Calgary. Definitely one of the better Canadian mini-chains. Only shoes though.

Firoz is more on the designer side of things.

I've never been, but I've heard some stuff about Forman's.

HS Henry Singer is an Alberta institution (whatever that means) and they have some more contemporary stuff, but it's more... Saks than Maxfield, if that makes sense. Sorta for the oil-company bromeister, if that makes any sense. Alberta is sorta analogous to Texas (and more Dallas than anything else) in Canada.

There is also a Harry Rosen ( or Holt Renfrew, if you want to trawl department stores.

One thing I do like about browsing Canadian stores is that you see a different, often quite old school, set of mid-tier European brands, like Haupt, from Germany, and Malboro Classics, because who doesn't love a Malboro man.

Even though a lot of these brands generally suck, it gives me hope that there is still some regional differentiation.
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Thanks for those suggestions, guys! I've been to Gravity Pope a number of times, but those other shops are all new to me (apart from the dept. stores). Does 17th ave offer much by way of cool shopping?
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